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  • Importance Of Teaching Fractions

    Fractions Fractions are difficult to learn and to teach, however they form an important part of primary education mathematics. Fractions both underpin the development of proportional reasoning, including the understanding of algebra and probability. Much of the confusion of teaching and learning fractions appear to be from the many different coding conventions (6/5, 1 1/4, 1.25, 125%), different representations (models) and interpretations (constructs) (Clarke, Roche & Mitchell, 2008). The…

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  • Dell's Competitive Business Model In The Consumer PC Industry

    Dell successfully carried out a very innovative business model at the time, especially in the consumer PC industry. When thinking about electronics, there is usually a clear distinction between the company that assembles the devices and the company that resells them for profit. This is usually the case when the manufacturing company does not have the expertise to manage the distribution channels required for efficiently reaching customers. Dell watched closely this model for years and identified…

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  • Importance Of Power Line Communications

    in power lines is acceptable in relatively short cables (approximately up to 200–300m), but is very bad in longer cables [31]. Hence, longer PLC networks are expected to be equipped with the repeater technique. Noise is another major problem on the system. The impedance of a power supply network is time variant, because electric devices are randomly connected to the grid. Noise in the electric distribution network is caused by many electric devices, such as halogen lamps, microwave ovens, and…

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  • Essay On Human Digestive System

    HUMAN DIGESTIVE SYSTEM 1.0 Introduction Humans need to obtain nutrients by taking in different kinds of food. The food we eat needs to be broken down into simple, soluble forms before it can be absorbed by our body. The human digestive system has many process. It contains different stages and works in different organs. It starts at the oral cavity and ends at the anus. The digestive system involves five main processes in the digestive system; ingestion, digestion, absorption, assimilation and…

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  • Essay On Xenotransplantation

    Xenotransplantation is the process of transplanting or grafting organs and tissue between different species. As you’re transplanting a foreign organ not from the same species as you, this has many social and biological implications. Including the fact that there’s could be new viruses and pathogens passed over between species with the potential to cause a mass epidemic and kill of many members of a species. Also this procedure although been around for a long time it hasn’t had a very high…

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  • Case Study: The Salter-Harris Classification

    The Salter-Harris classification is a radiologic classification system, developed in the 1960s, to describe fractures involving the growth plate in pediatric patients.1 It divides the fractures into five categories based on the extent of damage to the growth plate based on the mnemonic SALTER; type I: Slip or Separation of the growth plate, type II: Above the growth plate, type III: Lower than the growth plate, type IV: Through the growth plate, and type V: Raised epiphysis. Children have open…

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  • Energy In The Executive Analysis

    Some people argued that a vigorous and strong executive is not suitable with a republican principles. However, Hamilton does not agree. He states that an energetic president is the key point for a good government. Presidency, is responsible for national defense, “the steady administration of laws” and the protection of property rights. Moreover, the power of executive branch is used to protect the liberty when anarchy, faction, ambition threaten it. Hamilton also reminds a story about how the…

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  • The Documentary AIDS In Africa

    HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) is the virus responsible for causing AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). The virus leaves the human immune system weak and renders infected individuals vulnerable to other illnesses. HIV has been thought to have originated on the African continent and is becoming an increasing medical issue there. The documentary AIDS in Africa details the rise and impact of the rate of HIV infection and AIDS throughout the African continent. In the documentary, various…

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  • Lung Function Test Essay

    Lung function test The pulmonary function test sounds like only one test, but it consists of multiple tests which if you don’t ask questions you would not have known about them. When just observing the lung function test one would see all patients blowing into a mouth piece for 8 hours and not think much of it. On being more interactive with the clinical technicians I was able to distinguish three very specific tests that are used to obtain a complete evaluation of the patient’s respiratory…

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  • Essay On Causes Of Tuberculosis

    The Cause and Effects of Tuberculosis What are the cause and effects of tuberculosis? Tuberculosis is a disease caused by a bacterium. These bacteria mostly infect the lungs, but also they can infect the other parts of the body like the brain, spine, and kidney. (1,4) If the tuberculosis bacteria are active, they will cause the death of the tissue of organs that have been infected. Tuberculosis is one of a few diseases that "have caused so much distressing illness for centuries and claimed so…

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