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  • The Help Movie Vs Book Analysis

    The novel “The Help” written by Kathryn Stockett and film “The Help” directed by Tate Taylor had many differences some were noticeable while others were insignificant. I believe that in order for the director to achieve variation there were changes made to hold the audience’s attention. The director’s intention was to create a well-illustrated movie that was not identical to the novel, but also not completely separate from the novel. It was important that certain scenes be changed that he may…

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  • Reflection Of The Interview Journal

    Gardner.Session1.Journal As I reflect on the past as to why I want to go back to college, I remember sitting in my Director’s office at work, talking to her about our department, and the increasing number of assignments she is being handed down. I remember her telling me that she was going to need help with the department if she was going to be expected to do all of her work, plus the other work load being added. I left out of her office to get ready to leave my shift, thinking about what she…

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  • Flabastian Mountain: A Short Story

    Anyways, after she helped me out I ended up finding out that she was Hank Maxon’s daughter, the facilities director. Just for talking to Holly, Hank ordered to clean out the latrines, bathrooms, and the bunks. He even went out of the way and tried to make Holly never talk to me, but in her amazing stubbornness she said no, and since that day, Hank wasn’t as mean…

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  • Sean P. Brenn Case Study

    told her they were sending a replacement over and that she would have to meet with the HR Director to tell them what happened. Scott waited for her relief then went to her company and met with the Director and Karen and she told them what happened. Scott wasn’t sure who told her but they said she had to come back the next day. The next day Scott said she was led into a conference room where the HR Director, Faith Phillips, Steve Weber, who was from the County, and another person were sitting…

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  • Executive Pay Definition

    When you compare executive compensation to household income, you noticed executive pay is not tied to performance, the average executive pay keep going up with no penalize from the board. “In the United States, the pay of CEOs at publicly traded companies went down in real terms by 46% between 2000 and 2011, although it bounced back—as did corporate profits—in 2012, while still remaining well below the 2000 level.” (Vanessa Sumo and Hal Weitzman, 2013). CEO dishonesty behavior widespread and…

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  • Bernie Film Analysis

    Bernie is a movie about a small Texas town funeral director, named Bernie, whom had nothing but enthusiastic and encouraging words for the families he worked with and the small Texas town’s people he lived near. He was so giving from his heart and truly loved his job and to help others. Bernie’s kindness was not usually taken for weakness nor for granted, but when a widow becomes one of Bernie’s customers, his life seemed to go downhill. The widow, named Marge, is also known to the town’s…

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  • Case Study: The Boys And Girls Club Of Greater Salem

    where the BGCGS develops long-term and short-term objectives using the mission statement. For instance, all programs and activities start with the question of “how will the program or activities help us achieve our mission statement?” (Marco Abreu, Director of Operations). One of the clubs which just started is, Torch Club. Torch Club is a leadership program for members from ten years old to thirteen years old. It teaches members to enrich their own lives and the lives of others through service…

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  • My First Job Analysis

    second week, I felt settled, like this work schedule is my new norm. This job is my first job where I have a consistent work schedule, which makes me feel more secure because I know what to expect. This past Monday was the first time I got to meet the Director of Human Resources in person, she travels so much that she is barely in New York. Although our dresscode is business casual, I made sure to…

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  • Non Profit Leadership Essay

    Introduction Within a non-profit organization the chief executive officer (CEO) is often referred to as the executive director. The chief executive officer or the executive director retains the highest power in a non-profit. The CEO should be someone who has a strong background in all subjects as it relates to the non-profit. As the CEO of a non-profit it is important that the CEO is fluent in financial leadership to help the organization become and remain a success. In order for the…

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  • Gender Inequality In Film Essay

    Gender Inequality in the Film Industry needs to be talked about If you can’t name 5 female directors that have directed more than 3 films, gender inequality exists in the film world. There is a huge pay, equality, opportunity, and bais gap between men and women in the film industry. For every 5 men working, there is 1 woman (Zurko). As a women pursuing film, it’s discouraging how i will have less opportunity and wage than someone else just because of my gender. By highlighting the social and…

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