Executive compensation

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  • Corruption And BHP Billiton: A Case Study

    performance (Ting & Muluan, 2012). The relationship between the company performance and its remuneration should be understood and the investors’ understanding of the policies underlying the remuneration of the company’s executive remuneration enhanced. Disclosure of the executive compensation promotes the spirit of transparency, consistency, and clarity of the company reporting such that it becomes difficult to conduct dubious deals within the company. In conclusion, BHP Billiton needs to adopt…

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  • Why Is Executive Compensation Important

    1. Why is executive compensation important? How does it relate to a company’s values? Executive compensations hold importance because executives have a wide range of responsibilities and need to have incentive to perform for the company as well as their shareholders. If these executives are not correctly compensated they will have less motivation to lead the company in a correct manner. This also reflects on the company’s values because the way they incentivize their executives sets a tone…

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  • Cost Benefit Analysis Essay

    Having an attractive compensation package is important as it ensures that personnel overseas receives fair and cost effective pay and benefits in a competitive market. Compensation should balance out on any other expenses that the personnel may be faced being in another country. A company should include more than the basic salaries and the basic allowances that are offered to a regular employee, an attractive compensations package will help motivate and encourage personnel…

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  • Executive Compensation Plan In Telstra

    This case study is going evaluate the two objective which are Telstra pay the dividends for shareholders and the executive compensation plan in Telstra also the way to incentive senior management team. The most important evaluation is that how does the Telstra can provide the dividends to shareholders by increase the profit form senior management team also realise the responsibility to shareholders. On 14 August 2014, the directors resolved to pay a final fully franked dividend of 15.0 cents…

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  • High CEO Compensation Argument Analysis

    In 2003, the average compensation of CEOs of largest U.S. companies is $8 million which is 301 times as much as factory workers. (Moriarty 257) This is one of the universal issues that whether high CEO compensations are giving rising economic inequalities draws growing concern. My argument is that high CEO compensations given rising economic inequalities are unjustified because high CEO pays are unfair per se and the non-comparative inequality that workers get should be solved (they worth more…

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  • Ethics Of Compensation Case Study

    Ethically managing compensation definition. Bloom (2004) stresses “Compensation systems can be both powerful determinants and important reflections of organizational values and ethics” (p. 151). According to Bloom (2004), "Compensation systems are almost always set and administered by the most powerful members of an organization . . . and imposed upon the least powerful which . . . an organization relies on for its survival and success (p. 151). Judging the ethics of compensation practices…

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  • Holiday Inn Compensation Package Analysis

    Compensation Packages Senior executives at Holiday Inn are compensated differently than other employees. An executive compensation package for Holiday Inn consisted of their base salary, benefits, cash bonuses, and long-term incentives. The board is in charge of setting the base pay for the executives and it is quite competitive. Many benefits that executives receive tend to differ from that of lower level employees as well. Consequently, executives tend to have a higher level of health…

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  • Permissibly Accept By Jeffrey Moriarty: Article Analysis

    The article I read is called How Much Compensation Can CEO’s Permissibly Accept? By Jeffrey Moriarty and it talked about how many individuals view the ethics of executive compensation. Some think that the amount that the CEO's are getting paid is too big in regards to their performance compared to what CEO's get paid overseas and to what their workers get paid. The boards of directors could be at blame for the most part because they can be considered fragile and or having concern for themselves…

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  • The Capital Asset Pricing Model

    focuses on the impact of three factors, namely incentive payments to chief executive officer (CEO), discretionary accruals, and firm technical efficiency improvement on stock returns in…

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  • The Importance Of Fair Compensation

    Bohlander (2010). It therefore becomes imperative for organization to adopt compensation policy that employees will perceive as being fair and commensurate with their skills and expectations for them to be productive. This means that employees performance goes a long way in determining the success of the organization as well as the growth of the individual employee. Commenting on the importance of effective use of…

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