Professor Santana's Case: 'Sleeping On The Job'

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7-12- James Franco missed all but two of his classes in Professor Santana’s course. Is that grounds for a D? What would constitute grounds for failure?

Missing two classes of Professor Santana’s class is not grounds for a D. Sometimes missing class is unavoidable. Grounds for failure would be if the student doesn 't do their work, fails tests, and doesn 't do their project. A student could miss important assignments or notes if they miss a class, but it is their responsibility to get the notes they missed and to see if they can make up any missed assignments.

7-13- If around 75% of grades in graduate programs are A’s are grades now meaningless?

I don 't agree that A’s are now meaningless. I believe students still have to work and study hard to receive that
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The employee who worked hard and had a positive impact on the company should be compensated for their work. This will motivate the employee and increase their work morale and performance.

Case: Sleeping on the Job

7-18- Should organizations be concerned about their employees being sleep-deprived? What factors influencing sleep might be more or less under the control of an organization?

Organizations should be concerned about their employees being sleep-deprived. It causes employees to have lower levels of work performance. Some factors that cannot be controlled by the company is if the employee decided to go to sleep late, children, being sick, and house chores they decided to do late at night.

7-19- How might reinforcement theory play a role in the extent to which employees are sleep-deprived?

Employees could be reinforced to be sleep deprived because of the daily tasks needed to be done forcing them to work longer hours and sleep less. The behavior is environmentally caused. For example because of the environment of Wall Street, Wall Street employees must work long hours to get their job done and to be

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