European Union Emission Trading Scheme

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  • Why Is The United Kingdom's Unwritten Constitution

    There are some theories that the United Kingdom being involved in the European union restricts the idea of parliament sovereignty, this being that the fact parliament is no longer the supreme law maker, as they have to involve European laws into the United Kingdom so the fact that parliament didn't make the law goes against the quote 'What the Queen in Parliament enacts is law'. The British constitution…

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  • Immigration In The 20th Century Essay

    Immigration in the 20th century peaked after the Second World War. Many people from many countries came to the Netherlands, looking for a new life, or a job. Not just locals from countries overseas migrated, but also the Dutch living in the former colonies, like Indonesia. Many Dutch people from Indonesia came back home after the war. They are seen as the first wave of immigration. At first, they were not going to stay permanently. However, they changed their minds and many stayed for the rest…

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  • Research Paper On Scotland

    Hiya! – hello! Scotland’s mainland shares a border with England to the south. It is home to almost 800 small islands, including the northern isles of Shetland and Orkney, the Hebrides, Arran and Skye. Its neighboring countries are England, Northern Ireland, and Norway. Major cities are located in the Scottish lowlands (cultural area) with 80% of the population. Scotland has its northern lights, highest mountains, and its golden beaches. The culture of Scotland refers to the patterns of human…

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  • New Colossus Poem

    America, the Mosaic Society The New Colossus poem became part of the Statue of Liberty, also known as Mother of Exiles, on Liberty Island in 1903. As the Statue of Liberty was essentially America’s welcome sign and beacon of hope for thousands of European immigrants arriving on Ellis Island, it was fitting for Emma Lazarus’s full poem to be engraved above the main entrance of the statue in 1945. Lazarus’s poem references and symbolizes freedom, opportunity, independence, and compassion to the…

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  • Ap Human Geography Greece

    Greece is a country in the (southern tip of Europe), with a population of 10.75 million people. Greek is the language spoken by 99 percent of the population; English, French, German, and Italian make the other one percent. Greek Orthodox Church is the religion practice by over 90 percent of the people in the country; Islam, Catholic Hinduism, and others make the rest of the 10 percent of religion practice. Greece holds a great significance of history dating back to ancient times; today it is…

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  • New Hampshire

    Overview: New Hampshire is located in New England region, in the north eastern parts of the United States Of America. The state lies between latitude 42-40 north and longitude 70-37 west. The state is about 180 miles long with extreme width measuring 93 miles. They rank forty fourth in size among the fifty states of United States. The state is roughly in shape of a right triangle. The state holds a total land area of 8968 square miles. It is bounded by Quebec province in the north and by Maine…

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  • South American Refugees Essay

    The Bride, Groom, and 4,000 of Their Closest Unknown Friends Immigrants and refugees have been in the news for years, but the topic has heated up considerably in the past year. South American refugees have been flooding across the southern border of the United States with illegal immigrant Mexicans. They are often front page news, especially with the presidential debates going on. In Europe, migrants and refugees are dying in tunnels trying to get to England from France where they are stuck in…

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  • Should Scotland Become Independent

    Scotland wanting to becoming independent has divided their country into two, people for independence and people who are against it. They disagree on what type of Currency to use if they become independent, the issues of oil in the North Sea, and who should control how to run the social welfare programs. Scotland wanted to become independent in 2014, but they decided to stay with the united kingdom because they promised to stay with the EU. After they announced the Brexit (england because…

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  • Examine The Arguments In Favour Of Sovereignty In The Uk

    legal sovereignty is the EU. As epitomised by the Factortame case of 1990 and, more recently, the 2008 Coleman case, European Law ultimately takes primacy over UK law. In terms of sovereignty however, this is directly counteracted with the UK’s ability to withdraw membership at any time and restore its own sovereignty (as recognised in 1972 during negotiations regarding the European Community). It is important to firstly outline a few ways in which EU sovereignty has disadvantaged Britain. In…

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  • Automatic License Plate Recognition

    One of the issues that have been raised today with the advancement of science and technology is automatic license plate recognition. To do this, a system must be designed that can read the license plate by taking a picture of the car [1]. Automatic licence plate recognition aims to identify the license plate in a digital natural image in order to read the number and convert it into equivalent ASCII code. One of the most important parameters affecting the number plate recognition is the existence…

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