Andrew Bacevich Argument Analysis

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The debate that surrounds a question as important as to whether or not America is a declining power is one that takes some questioning the definition of power in order to answer. Andrew Bacevich believes that due to Americans pursuing freedom, they have found themselves saddled in debt and striving to impress one another. This pursuit has caused the American people to seek glory and power instead of true freedom. On the other hand, Fareed Zakaria has seen first hand what it is like to grow up in a developing nation, such as India, followed by living in America. So he sees the obsession to be the best and have the best of everything as a positive trait, that will keep America strong for as long as any other power the world has ever seen. On …show more content…
While he may be right about one-hundred years from now, for now he is wrong. This transaction is no different than when a student gives up 100,000 dollars for the right to get a doctorate degree. One can easily look and say in the moment the hundred grand was more important than the long term reward of a P.H.D. However what this simple minded person would not see is the big picture. America is only allowed to borrow as much as they do because they can make it back. Houses, cars, education and pleasurable experiences all are attainable in this country whereas in many parts of the world it is a pipe dream. The ability to buy a new car on a loan and a new house on a loan is a blessing not a curse. In third world countries they eat what they can grow and live where they build. In America the luxuries are a cheap as 99 cents at a fast food place. Zakaria would agree with this sentiment as he lays out factual information in his response to how America is still a superpower. His argument is that the luxuries of everyday living are not possible in many places, including where he grew up in India. The luxury of magnificent facilities at public schools and the opportunity for citizens to fail in business but try again, fail in school but get another chance, is all what makes America the most dominant power in the world. Without this America would be like Asian countries where kids are told at 10 or 12 exactly what they will become in their later years. Not allowing the full human experience to be developed by falling down and getting back up again. Furthermore, in the final essay the way the author describes the original America seems poor, despite the freedoms he speaks of their was no army as dominates as todays army is, relative to the world. Their was no economy as buss ling as in todays AMwerica. Most importantly the thing he is missing is

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