Wayne Lapierre's Argument Analysis

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The Second Amendement gave us the right to bear armes. Wayne LaPierre listed arguments to support why armed guards should be in schools. These arguments include LaPierre saying as parents we do everything we can to keep our children safe, the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun, and a gun in the hands of the Secret Service Agents and a soldier protecting the President and the country isn’t a bad word. Wayne LaPierre also asked his readers why the idea of a gun is good when used to protect our country, but bad when used to protect our children in their schools. On the other hand, Mark Kelly listed arguments in support of stricter gun control laws. His arguments were on compromising and not look …show more content…
As I did my independent research, in 2013 the alleged 11 guards that are in the Sidwell Friend School was not true. Since LaPierre made one mistake it may have change the people’s agreements. Yes, LaPierre should have used his argument to put President Obama on board to have guards in all schools. It would be a great start to show that Obama is listening and cares. By giving a proposition you may receive more than what you can handle. Kelly would probably respond by addressing that children are our foundation but good people using guns to get rid of bad people using guns isn’t stopping the issue of gun violence. You can stop a killer by killing him but you can’t stop another one from coming and finishing what he started. Marko Kloos is an ex-Marine and he argues that in a society where not everyone is reasonable guns may be necessary as a means to protect ourselves. And I agree with Kloos because if you are at the point where you fear your life is in danger, you may have to take a life in order to save dozens. LaPierre might respond by saying he agrees with Kloos because if you choose to spare the bad guys’ life, he may kill your children. LaPierre really cares about the children, but not about other issues that may come like what about the people that gave birth to the children. They need protection too. Most parents feel they don’t

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