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  • Stek And Maya Stork: The Case Of Watteau V Fenwick

    ,( A) KALLESI MACTAVISH V MAYA STORK In this case Kallesi Mctavish who is the owner of establishment is the principle and Maya Stork the manager of the hotel is the Agent who orders supplies to the hotel. The suppliers are known as the third party. Maya stock as an agent is not allowed to order any expensive shampoo and shower gels as well as any supplies that are over £150 without kallesi’s approval since she is the principle. All the standard suppliers to the hotel are mindful of this…

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  • Public Limited Corporation Case Study

    Chaymae Essaid 61418 February 2, 2016 Public Limited Corporation (La société anonyme) The public company is a business company by its form with any possible purpose. It is made for the large companies and the associates, called shareholders, which are responsible for the social debts only concerning the amount of their contributions. The legal characteristics of the company is very marked, its operation is narrowly regulated by law 17/95 of the 8/30/96 published in the B.O. n° 4422 of the…

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  • Similarities Between FASB And GASB

    determines and improves generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) for U.S. state and local government entities. However, GASB is not a government entity, it is an operating component of the Financial Accounting Foundation (FAF), a private sector not-for-profit entity (GASB, "Facts About GASB "). The accounting and financial reporting standards established by GASB are essential for government entities operate differently than for profit businesses. The Financial Accounting Standards Board…

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  • Pierce The Corporate Veil Case Study

    veil is most often used as a tool to uphold statutory corporate formalities. It ensures that corporations are conducting mandatory meetings and are following proper statutory guidelines. It reinforces that shareholders are in fact held as a separate entity with the absence of conflict of interests. Second, piercing will also be used in order to remedy fraudulent misconduct, specifically “constructive fraud” that serves to disrupt the corporations’ legal contractual obligations…

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  • S-Corporation Case Study

    A S-Corporation is a closely held corporation that makes an election to be taxed under Subchapter S. Generally, S-Corporation is pass-through entity, which means the corporation’s income and losses passes through to you and you must report those on your individual income tax returns. S-Corporation shareholder who is actively engaged in the business is owner/employee. As an employee, you receive compensations for your services and are only personally responsible for 7.65% social security and…

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  • Sole Proprietorship Advantages And Disadvantages

    Shareholders have both limited liability and tax status of a flow through entity. Two Advantages Two advantages are that the S-corporation avoids the double taxation of a regular corporation and investors can deduct against their other income because of the flow through entity with taxes. Two Disadvantages Two disadvantages are that they can have no more than 100 shareholders, and the shareholders must be individuals, charities…

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  • Summary: Neverland Cupcakes

    people together over delicious cupcakes and engaging in spreading the gospel and love of Jesus by means of cupcakes. The primary goal of this business entity will be to glorify God in all business transactions. This business will be located in the state of Virginia. II. Description and Explanation of Type of Business Entity The type of business entity, which would be best for Neverland Cupcakes to be operated as, would be a limited liability partnership. Firstly, an LLP would be the best option,…

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  • Partnership And General Partnership: Characteristics Of A Partnership Business

    So this business entity has weak protection to partners because any of the partners can act without the permission of the other partners. (Your Personal Liability in a Partnership) Limited partnerships (LP) This business entity includes two types of partners one limited partner has limited liability and he takes the whole risk of the business, so he is liable for any depts…

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  • Implications Of Big Pharma

    ‘Big pharma’ refers to global pharmaceutical and biomedicine companies that lobby governments, media and other entities to expand their influence. In spite of being responsible for the modern innovations in medical devices and drugs, progress for research and development for new drugs or treatments is painstakingly slow. Like software updates or patches, the development for treatment has seen incremental therapeutics, such as small changes to existing formulations but rarely does the public see…

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  • Mergers Case Study

    it is the transfer of undertaking and liabilities from one company to another company. According to Marof , Chiplin and Wright , they have all defined merger as a combination of the assets and liabilities of two firms to form a single business entity. Under the Kenyan companies Act, mergers has been defined as either a transfer of undertaking, property and liabilities of one or more public companies (including the company in respect of which the compromise or arrangement is proposed) to…

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