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  • Business Planning And Accounting: Case Study

    TO: Gloria Smithson FROM: Izabela Kaczor – Kaczor Business Planning and Accounting RE: Business entities: recommendations for a start-up company Thank you for the opportunity to work with you. Selecting the appropriate business entity requires a careful balancing of tax, legal and other considerations. As requested, I have analyzed the pros and cons of few different types of business entities and evaluated which business type would be the most appropriate for you and your husband. There…

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  • Reproduction Antiques Company Case Study

    Company. It is a conceptual level data model and provides the concepts of entities, relationships and attributes. The Reproduction Antiques Company database context Entity: an animate or inanimate thing of independent physical or conceptual existence and distinguishable.…

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  • The 4 P's Model Of Marketing In The Insurance Industry

    Marketing has the 4 Ps which are product, price, placement and promotion. In the insurance industry, the products are the policy documents, the wordings of which are fixed and cannot be changed by any insurance company. Placement and promotion of the insurance products is almost same for all companies and thus the main aspect to be considered is price. Due to the cut throat competition and price being fixed and non-negotiable, the insurance companies then have two option in front of them, which…

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  • Edelweiss Tokio Case Study

    Edelweiss Tokio Life – Protection – Overview Edelweiss Tokio Life – Protection is a non-linked, non-participating, term insurance plan. This pure protection plan offers complete protection to the loved ones in the event of the demise of the life insured (primary breadwinner of the family). This cost friendly solution allows the family to realise their dreams and maintain the same lifestyle even in the absence of the life insured. It provides a lump sum amount to the nominee on the death of the…

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  • Continued Evolution Of Corporate Power By William M. Dugger

    Khagendra Ghimirey Professor Tae-Hee Jo Intermediate Microeconomics 14th November 2017 Summary of an article “Continued Evolution of Corporate Power” by William M. Dugger A corporation is very different from other form of businesses like sole proprietorship, Partnership, or Limited Liability Company. For example, while other form of businesses have particular owner entitled to the company, corporations doesn’t have owners, rather it is formed by the shareholders. In other words, Corporation is…

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  • Beta Corporation Case

    In response to learning activity 1 question 1, I agree that Beta Corporation is the principal. It is clearly stated in the text that “under corporation law the officers and all employees are agents of the corporation” (Advanced Business law and the Legal Environment, 2014, pg. 1325). However, I do not agree with your evaluation of the employees as principals. Arnold, Carol, Dave, and Erin are all agents of Beta Corporation. However, I may be inclined to argue that Carol, Dave, and Erin are all…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Relational Table

    The rule for first normal form (1NF) is a table in which the intersection of every column and record contains only one value. In other words a table that contains more than one atomic value in the intersection of one or more column for one or more records is not in 1NF. The non 1NF table can be converted to 1NF by restructuring original table by removing the column with the multi-values along with a copy of the primary key to create a new table. See Figure 8.4 for an example of this approach.…

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  • Limited Partnerships

    The first question that many ask themselves when they are deciding to start a company is, what type of entity should the company be? When deciding what entity to form under advantages and disadvantages are a major influence in what the owners decide. Another characteristic that plays a large part into deciding what entity should be chosen is the number of owners, as well as how the company wants to address the issue of liability. Sole proprietorships are the most common form of business…

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  • Corporate Greed

    When corporate governance becomes necessary as an organization begins to mature, the matter of trust is an important part of the process of its composition. Shareholders and owners, all entities of seniority, together, are always asking themselves, “How do I get a return on my investment without someone stealing all of the profits?” What businesses have learned is that someone’s word is not as valuable as their signature and laws have been put in place to uncover and prevent lies. Therefore,…

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  • Case Analysis Of Leica And Huawei

    Alternatives One option in pursuing their long term partnership is to form a non-equity alliance. This is a horizontal alliance that is strategic, limited in scope and basically an agreement for both companies to share their resources while remaining independent organizations. Leica and Huawei are complementary to each other’s products but operate in the same industry. Therefore, it would be beneficial and easier if they were to operate as separate organizations rather than going through the…

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