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  • Arcadia Sports: A Partnership Or A Limited Liability Company

    A business entity is an organization that uses economic resources or inputs to provide goods or services to customers in exchange for money or other goods and services. There are three main types of businesses are sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations. Each of these entities has its own advantages and disadvantages. Sole proprietorship – This is a type of business that is usually owned by one person and adopted by small business entities. It is an unincorporated business owned and…

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  • Mehta Case Study

    5. Recommendations for Mehta: Mehta is the only person who has connection with both the groups such as the Bonazzi and Indo group. Mehta being the CEO of Bonazzi is appointed for a purpose. He should understand the Indo group and share his views to the Bonazzi Goup and vice-versa. He can think from both their views and make the best decisions. HE should create, communicate and execute a clear vision, strategies and goals so that the future of the Joint Venture is bright. He also should make…

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  • Case Study Of Sky's Monopoly

    Monopoly situation exists when there is a single supplier of a unique product that has no close substitute. For example, Sky had a monopoly over the live football coverage. According to the 1998 Competition Act, abuse of dominant power means that a firm can 'behave independently of competitive pressures'. (Source: economicshelp.org) P MC…

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  • Mini Case 6 Personal Liability Company

    A corporation is directed by a Board of Directors. There are stocks, which are remaining assets of the corporation that would be due to stockholders, which fluctuate in value according to the profits or losses of the corporation. Corporations pay a different tax rate then companies and individuals. A limited liability company (LLC) does not have stockholders, it is comprised of members that have an interest in the company but do not have any personal liability if the company were to be sued.…

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  • Singapore Business Advantages And Disadvantages

    enterprising owner. A Sole proprietorship is a great business structure for an entrepreneur to learn the business. Being the sole owner of the business makes the individual a decision-making authority. However, a Sole proprietorship is not a separate legal entity from its owner. This makes raising capital for the expansion of the firm difficult. It totally depends on the solidity of the character of the owner. The responsibility towards the losses and the debts of the Sole proprietorship fully…

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  • Flour Mills Nigeria Plc Case Study

    right, give FMN a tremendous competitive advantage in terms of agility, efficiency, and service delivery. In addition to all these ventures, Flour Mills of Nigeria’s interest in becoming the nation’s dominant food business company is furthered by entities operating in agriculture, livestock feed and pasta manufacturing. THIS IS THE STORY OF JACK OF ALL TRADE MASTER OF…

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  • King's Restaurant: Vicarious Liability

    TASK 7 Explain how a business can be vicariously liable Vicarious liability As a general rule vicarious liability only arises out of the employer/employee relationship, although it can be found in the principal/agent relationship and as an exceptional case in the employer/independent contractor relationship. It is dependent upon this type of special relationship being established. Vicarious liability is not a tort, it is a concept, which is used to impose strict liability on a person who…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Dog Grooming

    Pros. • You don’t have any worry about having to pay the business overheads like rent, taxes, or utility bills. You don’t have ultimate responsibility for the business, and that can be liberating • You gain incredible experience. You learn from your mistakes • You are immersed in an established business. You will get to see first-hand how that business runs - whether you work in a salon or as a mobile groomer for somebody else • You will meet lots of dogs. You will develop your dog handling…

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  • Business Level 3 Unit 1 Csr

    1.1 Explain the differences between the: A. Private Sector Sole Traders – This organisation type mainly relies on the business being owned by one individual. They handle all the financial risk in regards to operating the business for a return of profits. They have the responsibility of dealing with any losses the business makes and bills representing things that have been bought for the business. The normal things would be stock or equipment. Records will be kept for all sales and spending the…

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  • Advantages Of The 14th Amendment

    1) The best metaphor for a corporation is an “apple within a barrel where most apples are good and just a few bad”. It takes one apple to ruin it for the rest or spoil its companion. Corporations can often be seen as “bad apple's” bent on taking control of public power and only focused on making money, regardless of the consequences. Corporations are trying to engage themselves in as much profit as possible at anyone’s expense without realizing how unsustainable they are being towards the…

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