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  • William Tyndale's Impact On The Bible

    “ Some courageous souls nevertheless determined to translate the bible into english.” (Ellis) William Tyndale was a reformer and translator in the treacherous time of the Catholic church around the 1520’s -1530’s. he was one of the first people to translate the Bible into english language, but at that time people were not allowed to have bibles so it made his job risky and dangerous. William Tyndale made a significant impact on the world by translating and printing the Bible, the timing in which…

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  • Roger Martyn's Long Melford Church Before The Reformation

    Elizabeth I, English Christianity was a fusion of old Catholic tradition still battling the ideas of Protestant reformation. I will demonstrate this in this essay by establishing catholic traditions, analysing what changes the protestants wished to make and finally evaluating their effect. There are three traditions that stand out within the practises of the Catholic Church, iconography, rituals and community life. We can explore these through 'Long Melford Church Before the Reformation ' in…

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  • What Are The Causes Of The Protestant Reformation

    The Protestant Reformation was a religious movement that began as an effort to reform the Catholic Church. This happened in 1517 and the idea was spread across Europe by the printing press. The ideas of the Protestant Reformation spread through German towns in the 1520s and then other parts of Europe. The reformers were known as Protestants because they protested the Catholic Church’s practices. Many Protestants believed that the religion should be simple, according to the Bible. They thought…

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  • The Protestant Reformation Movement

    The Origin of The Reformation The Protestant Reformation was a religious movement that began in Germany in the 1500s. This religious movement spread throughout Western and central Europe and brought changes in the political, social, economic, and intellectual life. The Protestant Reformation “grew out of religious conditions of the late Middle Ages but historians disagree about the state of the Catholic Church during this period”(). There are people who believe that the church was in a period of…

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  • Martin Luther's Influence On The Catholic Church

    The actions and ways of Martin Luther made a huge impact and influenced on the Catholic Church today in many ways. Martin Luther was behind the protestant reformation as he was the one who wrote the 95 thesis which questioned the way in which the church ran. Luther was also accountable for translating the bible from Latin to English. Without Martin Luther’s work people back then wouldn’t have realised the corruption and the political conflict at that time in the church. The contributions Martin…

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  • Catholic Reformation: Consequences Of The Protestant Reformation

    Cameron Peters Nicholas McEntire HIS-112-350 21 November 2017 Consequences of the Catholic Counter-Reformation The Catholic Counter-Reformation can be looked at in two different ways. The first way is as a response, or “Counter-Reformation,” to the Protestant Reformation that was happening around the same time in the early sixteenth century (Britannica n.p.). The other way is of a reformation that sprung up from the Catholic Church itself as a result of criticism of the Renaissance popes…

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  • Protestant Reformation Outline

    Protestant Reformation occurred during conflict between nation-states in Europe •First in imperial cities of Germany and Switzerland •Deep social and political divisions •Certain groups favored the reformation - like printers who were literate POPULAR RELIGIOUS MOVEMENTS AND CRITICISM OF THE CHURCH •The reformation could not have happened without the numerous conflicts that had risen within the church during the Renaissance. •Diet of Worms (Germany) presented the emperor with 102 oppressive…

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  • John Wycliffe And John Huss Essay

    Before the ecclesiastical reformation, formally known as the Protestant Reformation, before the time of Martin Luther, individuals began to spark the fire of the Protestant Reformation. Namely, John Wycliffe and John Huss, also known as Jan Hus, were predominant pre-reformers of the Protestant Reformation. Through their lifestyle, writings, ideas, John Wycliffe and John Huss triggered the Protestant Reformation. These contributions of Wycliffe and Huss were controversial in their time. The…

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  • Martin Luther And The Reformation

    century, there was a large criticism when dealing with the church. The criticism was known as the Reformation. The cause and results of the Reformation were viewed from two different viewpoints, from England’s and from Germany’s. The two countries have similarities of the reformation as well as the differences. Reformers such as Martin Luther, who led the reformation in Germany and Henry VIII, led the reformation in England, each one of them dealing with their own strategy for their own country.…

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  • Erastian Religion

    views helped pushed the government towards Erastian rule, it is the leaders of both Zurich’s small magistrate councils and England’s monarchy who eventually reformed the church, bringing in a new era of protestant theology. Ulrich Zwingli, a major reformation leader in Switzerland, had a…

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