Characteristics Of Puritan Poetry

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I am going to talking about Puritan Poetry in my essay. I will explain the Puritan’s ideology and their characteristics about poetry. Puritanism, begun in England in the 17th century, was a radical Protestant movement to reform the Church of England.
Firstly I want to start with their ideology. According to Puritans, poet should seem little bit opposition as Puritans rejected with the practice of using metaphor and verbal flourishes in their speech and writing. The Puritan movement was one for very literal expression and teaching. But, in time, some part for creative expression arose and Puritan poets such as, Anne Bradstreet, Edward Taylor and John Dryden produced some of the greatest verse of their time. In the following lines I will be
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The Bible played an important role in the daily lives of the Puritans. Families attended church regularly and read the Bible in their homes. By the reason of this influence, most Puritan writing is based on the styles of the Bible. Puritans collated their own lives to biblical narratives and events and collated themselves to biblical characters to exemplify points.
Puritans have a simple life which based on the concepts of humility and simplicity. This was came from their religious beliefs and the Bible. They were wearing different black. Puritan writing mimics these cultural values in its plain writing style. Puritans wrote directly to the point, and avoided much of the elaborate writing style which became popular in Europe. Simple sentences with common language let Puritans to communicate information without feeling like they were drawing attention to
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Even the letters they wrote to friends and family in Europe have more of aim than simply communicating about their lives and keeping in touch. Puritans' religious beliefs affected their lives on all levels, and their writing connected with their religion's values, such as the importance of the church and the influence of God in their lives. Writing often became instructive, teaching Christian values. The Puritans did not believe that literature was for entertainment; therefore, they disapprove "entertainment" species such as drama and fiction novels.
Thirdly I am continuing with our first female Puritan poet ‘’Anne Bradstreet’’ she born at 1612 and died at 1672. She immigrated to Salem, Massachusetts in 1630. She had no formal education but had constant tutoring provided by her father. Her book of collected poems, "The Tenth Muse Lately Sprung up in America" which written in 1650, was the first published work by a woman in America and England. Generally considered to be the first collection of original poetry written in colonial America. The book examined the rights of women to express

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