The Pros And Cons Of The Reformation

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The Reformation began in the sixteenth century and took place all throughout Western Europe. The religious revolution became the basis for the foundations of Protestantism, which became a main branch of Christianity. Two of the main areas affected most by the Reformation were England and Germany. In these countries, the Reformation was spearheaded by two individuals, Henry VIII in England and Martin Luther in Germany. They brought about changes in their respective countries, each in an attempt to better the Catholic Church which they thought was failing them in some way. There were some similarities to the ways they went about wanting these changes to occur and why they wanted them to happen, but they also had their differences in their methods and motives for bringing about the changes they wanted …show more content…
Some of these were The Act of Appeals, The Acts of Succession, and the First Act of Supremacy. Additionally, he made his clergy preach against anything superstitious. This included relics, pilgrimages, miracles, images, and he had all candles removed from religious ceremonies. He released his catechism called The King’s Primer in 1545 and left out the saints. During this same time period, The Reformation was also taking off in Germany thanks to Martin Luther. Martin Luther was born in Saxony, Germany on November 10, 1483. He entered school at the age of 7, and as he grew felt he should be on the course to become a lawyer. However, this course was changed in 1505 when he was caught in a horrific thunderstorm that endangered his life. As he was caught in this, he prayed to Saint Anne, the patron saint of miners, to help save him. After he said this prayer the storm calmed and he was safe. In response to this experience Luther decided to give up his path to become a lawyer and instead chose to become a monk, even though his father was disappointed in this

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