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  • Wind Energy: An Alternative Energy Source

    National Research Council maintains that solar energy is the answer, and Kempton claims that wind energy is best. All of these thinkers focus on alternatives to fossil fuels on a large scale, but I would like to explore the personal aspect of the debate and argue ways that individuals or homeowners in the United States…

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  • Fracking Vs Natural Gas

    Energy production, it is something that today’s world cannot go without. Many believe, though, that fracking to acquire Natural Gas is a non-efficient and a destructive way of doing it. This paper is not intended to argue the fact that is has no harm, but instead, that as of this moment in time there is no better way to mass produce energy than Natural Gas and fracking is the best method of obtaining it. The use of fracking to obtain Natural Gas is the most efficient, cleanest, and least…

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  • How To Crude Reality

    creates 0.4-1.1 gross jobs per gigawatt-hour generated (1). Through alternative methods of obtaining energy we can potentially create more jobs than there are that are currently provided in the oil industry. Alternative methods of obtaining energy opens up new job opportunities such as working on solar panels, building wind turbines, working at hydro plants and so on and so on. With alternative energy methods, we can create more jobs and make up for the lost jobs that would disappear after…

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  • Proudly Propane Ad Analysis

    task at hand is to break down certain aspects of a propane ad by “Proudly Propane” and attempt to define and compare those aspects to assess the characteristics of a fuel like Propane. The ad claims that propane is a “Clean, reliable and efficient energy source” but does not offer to define or elaborate on these claims. Therefore, through context and comparison the ad’s claims of Clean and Efficient will be assessed, in addition to the Importance/Reliance, Sustainability, and Affordability of…

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  • Why Is Nuclear Energy Important

    Nuclear Power: A Ticking Time Bomb Nuclear energy is currently one of the major energy sources in the world right now. It is the world’s third most utilized fuel currently, only behind fossil fuels and hydroelectricity (“Nuclear Power Today”). However, it also has the highest disaster potential out of all the energy sources currently in use. This was made evident by the fallout of the triple meltdown at Fukushima Daiichi in Japan (“Nuclear Exodus”). This has led to the resurfacing of arguments…

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  • Excess Aluminium Lab Report

    This lab is designed to find the mass of copper produced when excess aluminium is reacted with 2.00g of copper salt [Copper (II) chloride decahydrate]. This will be achieved by dissolving the given amount of copper salt in distilled water and then adding in the aluminium rod. The reaction will commence as copper will begin to form on the aluminium. Calculating the percent yield is commonly used in the atom economy of a chemical reaction, which is a measure of the initial substance which becomes…

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  • Essay On Underwater Welding

    Underwater welding is very different from any ordinary career. Underwater welding is a career that requires a lot of training. It is a good career to pursue if you like to travel and are already an experienced welder above the surface. Underwater welding is a very dangerous, adventurous and complicated career that is very interesting. What is underwater welding? Underwater welding is the process of welding at elevated pressure which usually takes place underwater. Another name for…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Fossil Fuels

    Fossil fuels are a non-renewable type of energy formed from the remains of organisms millions of years ago. When they are burned, the release heat energy is released. Fossil fuels are around 90% of the world’s energy, oil being 40% of that percentage. Obtaining oil causes problems in the environment such as destroying wilderness and impacting wildlife. Above all, oil is being overused and is now running out even though it is the second most plentiful liquid in Earth’s crust. If humans continue…

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  • Southport Volunteer Fire Department Analysis

    Currently the Southport volunteer fire department is experiencing major issues that are impacting the department. The department is struggling to figure out how to resolve major issues. These issues resolve around how can the volunteer fire department better serve the citizens in the Village of Southport and the Town of Fairfield. This requires the department to focus on working towards its mission and strategic goals. The mission of the fire department is to protect the lives and property of…

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  • Nuclear Energy

    smoothly transition to the topic of nuclear energy. This energy put simply is the energy holding an atom together: the nucleus, electrons, etc. (What is Nuclear?). This energy is so strong that it’s even called “the greatest force in nature” (How Nuclear Power Works). The fascinating science of nuclear energy can be shown to have a tremendous environmental factor. The science behind the atom…

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