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  • Aspects And 2.2 Interpretation Of Regression Model

    Velocity and Beam diameter. The observations of the model can be summarized as below: As Laser Power increases the LAZ Depth of workpiece surface will also increase. This is because the heat input to the workpiece is increasing due to increase in Energy Density. As the Scan Velocity decreases the temperature on workpiece surface will increase. This is because with the decrease in Scan Velocity, the Power Density increases, those results in more heat input. As the Beam diameter decreases…

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  • Tamoxifen Citrate Case Study Solution

    Thus different analytical methods were developed including HPLC technique, using various mobile phases. In the development of analytical method it is extremely important to understand the solubility of an analyte. Tamoxifen citrate is very slightly soluble in water (0.3mg/mL at 20°C; pH 3.0-3.5) with high log P value (6) and is soluble in methanol (50 mg/ml). It also…

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  • Ohm's Law: Explain The Relationship Between Electric Current, Voltage, And Resistance

    Electric current is measured in amperes (A). Voltage: The difference in electric potential energy of charged particles between two points within the electric field is called voltage. The free electrons at the higher potential have more electrical potential energy whereas the free electrons at lower potential have less electrical potential energy. Voltage is measured in volts (V). Resistance: Resistance is the opposite force that resists the flow of electrons. The electrons…

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  • The Importance Of Solubility Of Ozone

    employing electrical discharge (high-voltage electrical arc), electrochemical and radiation methods. Among these methods electrical discharge method is widely used as commercial methods, however, it is less efficient (2-10%) and demands more electrical energy over electrochemical and radiation methods (Mahapatra et al.,…

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  • Thermo-Mechanic Treatment Case Study

    Abstract Thermo-mechanic treatment consists in utilization of two classic technological proceedings. This type of treatment was applied to the studied high-speed steel (HS2-9-1-8). The made tests wanted to establish the influence on the hardness and wear of the high-temperature thermo-mechanical treatment (HTTMT) applied to studied steel. The application of an additional plastic deformation (the deformation degree between 45 – 75%) influences positive the hardness and wear value. Being a HTTMT,…

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  • Thermo-Insulated Living Physics

    transfer energy from the bottom of the pot to the surface (The Physics Classroom, 2015). Diagram 2 – Process of Convection in water when heating up a…

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  • Personal Reflection On Group Work

    In comparison to the group work done for paper one, I do believe this was an improvement, mostly because we wrote the paper as we worked through the problem. This not only helped with preventing the procrastination of typing the paper at the last minute, but gave us time to gain an understanding of what was going in the problem by going to office hours. What I feel needs improvement is my the communication between my partner and I. partner initiative to understand the problem. There were times…

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  • The Importance Of Blessing By Galatians

    flow forth abundantly unto you. Today you are still in the process of being created and can use the laws of energy to attract into your lives the sweetest joys, an enormous peace, and all the happiness you could have, and the very desires of your soul. Our like energy is attracting other like energy. There are only two types of energy, positive energy and negative energy and these two energies either attract to each other or they repel and retract away from each other which defines how all…

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  • Social Security Employee Motivation Report

    The opportunity for career advancement within the Social Security Administration is what motivates me to work harder, take on more projects, and continuously study the law. It is in the agency 's best interest to have a legal assistant that goes above the call of duty and possesses the talent, legal knowledge, and competencies necessary to not only accomplish the mission but also exceed external customers ' satisfaction. Pursuing my Master 's degree is part of reaching the ultimate goal of…

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  • Beer Lambert Law Lab Report

    In order to complete this lab in a proper manner, the concept of the beer-lambert law must be understood to ensure success in the experiment. the Beer Lambert Law compares the property of light with material through which the light is travelling.4 So, if all the light passes through a solution without any absorption, then absorbance is zero, and the percent transmitted is 100%. If all the light is absorbed, then percent transmittance is zero, and absorption is infinite.3-4 There are many forms…

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