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  • Kalpataru Power Transmission Case Study

    India and overseas. It manufactures electrical power transmission equipment. SERVED CUSTOMERS The Power transmission sector mainly caters to power projects and electricity distribution companies. The work involves bulk transmission of electrical energy to electricity distribution stations. The key customers are state electricity boards and few other private companies in India. Their products are an integral part of a nation's infrastructure. The companies in the power transmission industry…

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  • Should Three Mile Island Be Shut Down Essay

    it’s not worth it to pay for something that could cause death, sickness, or mutation for everyone we know. On the contrary, my opponent could argue that Three Mile Island is worth the cost, because of how cheap the energy is. To that statement, I argue that we have alternative energy sources that don’t cause death to innocent people. I would rather live in a world with less fear and lower taxes than one that could always threaten death and costs us more…

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  • Utilization Of Nuclear Energy

    from the abundant usage of fossil fuels and recognize the benefits of other energy sources that will help economically and environmentally preserve the planet for future generations. There are various nations that have already shown very promising results from the transition from fossil fuels to the utilization of nuclear power. For example France derives about 75% of its electricity from nuclear energy,…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Green Technology

    goals of attaining a sustainable environment hence sustainable life at sight communities are now entering a world that is labeled “The Third Industrial Revolution”, as society moved from fossil fuels in the Second Industrial Revolution to renewable energy generation, technologies in sustainable and smart communities. This is why green technology has been implemented which brings innovative ideas to reduce global warming and greenhouse gas effects. 1.2 Definition of…

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  • Climate Change Argument Essay

    study of the earth and how it works allows scientists to develop new ways to try to save the Earth. While many debate the existence of climate change, it is a very real thing causing harm to our planet. The use of fossil fuels, and the development of new alternative energy sources could be the solution. Climate Change One of the biggest factors changing our earth is global warming. Two major factors causing the change include human change and natural climate. Human climate change is anything…

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  • Offshore Drilling Research Paper

    “Oil currently accounts for 37 percent of U.S. energy use — more than any other fuel source — and 94 percent of transportation fuel” (Primary Energy Consumption by Source and Sector, 2010). With more than one third of the nation’s energy being produced by oil, it would be ridiculous to want to limit or reduce the means by which it is extracted right? The issue concerning offshore drilling and its limitations has become an ongoing debate, causing two major sides, with opposing opinions to form.…

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  • What Is Solar Energy-Combustible Energy?

    Combustible energy- Combustible energy is a natural form of energy that has been formed and is continuing to be made over millions of years from organic matter. These are generally in the form of fossil fuels and come in 5 main forms: Coal, Petroleum, Natural Gas, LPG (liquified petroleum gas and crude oil. The method that is used to extract usable energy from combustible energy is by putting it through a fossil fuel power station. In these power plants, fuels are burnt to produce steam which…

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  • Nuclear Energy Advantages

    efficient source of energy. There are many common sources of energy, and they all have their own flaws. Many of the common energy sources are nonrenewable resources; therefore, they are not a logical source of energy for the future. Some of the energy creating processes can be very dangerous to humans and the environment. Many of these sources are not economical either. To be considered efficient, an energy source must be feasible, safe, and economical. Coal is a commonly used source of energy.…

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  • Biofuels: Are They The Future?

    resources. Formed from plant and animals that lived up to 300 million years ago, fossil fuels are found in deposits deep beneath the earth. The fuels are burned to release the chemical energy that is stored within this resource. Energy is essential to our modern technology based society. Currently over 82% of our energy demands are met by combustion of fossil fuel. (EIA, 2014) Coal provides 18%…

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  • Personal Philosophy Of Life: Disappointment's Cousin Is Frustration

    Disappointment’s cousin is Frustration. It takes billions of years to create a human being. And it takes only a few seconds to die. Every man has forgotten who he is. When you dissect Darwin’s theory of evolution you were a amoeba, fish, frog. various animals , monkey and finally now you are a human being. One may understand the cosmos, but never the ego; the self is more distant than any star. I have never, in all my life, not for one moment, been tempted toward religion of any kind. The fact…

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