Edwardian era

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  • Shoes During The Edwardian Era

    Shoes during the Edwardian era would commonly be made from leather, suede being the most popular, along with different shades of brown such as bronze, tan and beige. Shoes would fasten with buttons as well as with ribbons that would have metal on the ends in order to prevent fraying. As well as this shoes would fasten with buckles and jewellery that has been created with paste would be used as fastening as well as on the buckles. Shoes would commonly be found in the same colour as the dress that is being worn. Stitching is usually seen on the shoes in order to add decoration. Bows would also be added as a decorative feature. A popular shoe in the Edwardian era was known as the Bar shoe, the middle of the shoe would have bars and there is commonly…

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  • Colonialism And Colonialism In Lewis Carroll's Alice In Wonderland

    children and Carroll challenges the norms of Victorian Britain in Alice in Wonderland. Carol Dyhouse discusses girls in Victorian England in her book Girls Growing up in Late Victorian and Edwardian England. Dyhouse claimed that middle-class girls were to be educated. The girls were mainly taught the customs of the society, this taught them how to act in public. Girls were also taught their roles in the family such as how to be a mother. The job and expectations for young girls in Victorian…

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  • E. M. Forster's A Room With A View

    individual to gain a level of insight into their feelings. In addition, one is able to experience thoughts and emotions that are often difficult to express verbally. E.M. Forster’s, A Room With a View, calls on artistic masterpieces to aid the main character, Lucy Honeychurch, in her search for self discovery and true love. Lucy’s internal battle with her own feelings and external battle against societal expectations and restraints, create a striking clash between Victorian Age views and those…

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  • Victorian Gothic Style

    Victorian era was also a time of great signification for the political system. When Victorian reign took place, the first prime minster is she appointed was Whig politician Viscount Melbourne although the Whigs had a great influence in the British politics during 1860s, they were still sidelined by the liberal party. Edward Smith Stanley of the Whig was the last prime minster who resigned in 1868 and after that politics of England was dominated by the liberals and conservative party. At a time…

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  • Narration From Sherlock Holmes's 'The Man With The Twisted Lipen'

    the role of the magnifying glass that great detectives use to hone in on the clues of the case. They help the reader identify what is of use and what is just description to the story, and ultimately uncover the solution to the case. This essay will discuss the differences in narration from Sherlock Holmes himself in “The Case of the Blanched Soldier” and Watson in “The Man with the Twisted Lip”. Specifically looking at how Watson’s narration is much more relatable to the common-person, with…

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  • Theme Of Wit And Intelligence In The Picture Of Dorian Gray

    A possible reason for all of the intellect in The Picture of Dorian Gray could have been Oscar Wilde’s interest in the sciences. The Victorian era was a time when the sciences were becoming very important. Because of this, Oscar Wilde became very interested in the sciences, specifically evolution and psychology. That is the reason why there are a lot of psychological ideas in The Picture of Dorian Gray. Wit and intelligence is plays a large part in The Picture of Dorian Gray. In The Picture of…

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  • Gender Roles In The Victorian Era

    to be carried out. The duties held liable for depended on the class the women and men belonged to. In the Victorian Era, the roles between men and women were sharply defined, in favor in men. Throughout this time period, men were superior to women. According to an article by Yildirim, “Victorian Britain, with its rigid gender roles, was a strictly patriarchal society where discrimination against women was a dogmatic practice” (46). Queen Victoria widely influenced this…

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  • Othello And Trifles Analysis

    Treatment of Women in “Othello” and “Trifles” Throughout history the handling of women has evolved. From the Victorian Era to the latter half of the nineteenth century many authors have championed the unfair treatment of women in books, poetry, short stories, and plays; however two authors have penned works worthy of comparison. In “Othello,” a maiden marries for love; however she is ultimately the fatal victim of her love. On the other hand, in the play “Trifles,” the downtrodden Minnie murders…

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  • Progressive Era Attitudes

    One of the fundamental beliefs of the post-Civil War period was that Indian culture was inferior to white culture, which led to boarding schools, reservations, and suppression of Indian culture. The Progressive Era was from the 1890s to the 1920s, and it occurred all over the United States. The Progressive Era was an attempt to fix the corrupted government, break up monopolies, and improve problems in society. The Progressives also thought that the Indians were problematic to white society. For…

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  • Gender Roles In Dracula

    Her transition to the world of the undead is marked by multiple changes in her appearance and personality. Her beauty turns into voluptuousness, and her new self is full of an overt sexual appeal that makes her impure in the eyes of men. Lucy as a vampire becomes intimidating: “The sweetness was turned to … heartless cruelty, and the purity to voluptuous wantonness” (Stoker 187). It is worth mentioning that the facility with which Dracula takes hold of Lucy symbolizes how fragile feminine nature…

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