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  • Similarities Between Frankenstein And Edward Scissorhands

    Frankenstein from 1831 and Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands are both extraordinary works of art with over a century between them. Both the book and film have a very strong similar theme between them that goes deeper than the plot and characters. Frankenstein and Edward Scissorhands have the same theme that the creatures aren’t always the monsters, humans can be the real monsters, they are not accepting of beings who are different. Frankenstein’s monster and Edward were both created in very…

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  • Anti Vaccinationist Argumentative Essay

    Vaccines are widely known as one of the most prominent, public health mechanisms ever invented. Despite the popular belief that vaccines are extremely beneficial for children that receive them, anti-vaccinationists claim that some vaccines correlate with the neurological disorder autism. There have been two controversial claims trying to relate childhood vaccinations to autism. Both claims presented can seem convincing at first but can easily be found falsifiable upon research. To fully…

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  • Abdullah Laroui: A Comparative Analysis

    Both pieces speak of the bias of ethnocentrism from the west in accordance to the middle east. History is seen only by what is contemporary at the time according to the first piece by Abdullah Laroui. Within the second piece by Edward Said he is clarifying about his book over orientalism and the continuation of the same thinking that people see the middle east as a picture that does not move since it is not the same as those who are looking at it. Additionally both pieces remark about the issues…

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  • Monstrosity In Mark Doty's Now You Re An Animal

    Monstrosity isn’t always what is perceived on the outside. Becoming one with an animal, having animalistic tendencies, or an alter ego of a beast can be considered monstrous to society. In the poem “Why do you keep putting animals in your poems”, the man depicted in the poem is learning from the animals in the poem. He also realizes that the animalistic way of life is much simpler than the life of a human. In “Now You’re An Animal” by Mark Doty the professor goes into a studio to get his picture…

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  • What Is Tim Burton's Cinematic Style

    has directed movies such as, Edward scissors hand, the nightmare before Christmas, Charlie and the chocolate factory, and Batman and these movie the director Tim Burton’s uses very unique stylistic techniques especially in his shots and framing, camera angles/movement, and sound. Tim burton does this so that he can achieve his desired effect on the audience. Tim Burton’s uses special cinematic style to achieve his desired effect on us, for example in the movie Edward scissor hands, in the…

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  • Who Is To Blame The Titanic

    April 14, 1912, occurred the most remarkable ship catastrophe of the historical 100 years. The Titanic, on her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York, collided with an iceberg and sank with a loss of 1500 people. The Titanic’s captain, Captain Edward J. Smith, played a bewildering role in this catastrophe. Smith was an experienced seaman. He was considered a rational choice for his post. But on that day he acted quite strangely. It began with the way he navigated the ship, then the ship's…

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  • The Vaccination Theory: A Case Study

    been remarked that those who have succumbed to the disease before, will be immune to it at a later time. Administration of the infective agent was perceived to have expressed some possible immunity in those who were in good health. English physician Edward Jenner happened to be in a countryside where milkmaids became infected with cowpox. Cowpox is alike to smallpox, only it is an innocuous disease. People then believed that whoever was to come down with cowpox are…

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  • Analyze Similarities And Differences Between China And Japanese Imperialism

    In the time period of 1840 until 1900 Japan and China were both subjected to western imperialism, but they reacted in different ways. Japan was able to adapt to imperialism much better than China was by changing their economy and government. They abolished feudalism, and in order to become more western, they created a new army and industrialized their economy. China on the other hand, was suffering from many internal conflicts, so it was not difficult for Great Britain and other western…

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  • Daruma Doll Research Paper

    The Daruma, or Dharma, is seen as the father of Zen Buddhism, which is who is represented in the Daruma dolls. These dolls were first developed in in Japan during the Edo period, 1615-1868, and are colored primarily red. This color was chosen due to the folklore that the smallpox god enjoyed it. Red is now not only recognized as a smallpox protection but also functions as a general illness protection, specifically in relation to the Daruma doll itself. Another belief involving red is that those…

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  • The Titanic Was Not Manmade Essay

    To whom it may concern, Between the 1900’s and the 2000’s, about 90 major disasters happened. About 50 classified as natural, 20 manmade, and 30 as not classified. How would you feel if you lost your family in a disaster that is not really classified but you know that it was definitely manmade. Not sure what you mean about the numbers here? In April 15,1912, a disaster was reported of a ship that sank. This ship was called the Titanic which was a Royal Mail Ship from Britain. Many people…

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