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  • How Did Dorothea Dix Impact Society

    The Impact Of Dorothea Dix On The Treatment Of The Mentally Ill Dorothea Dix played a major part in the improvement and founding of mentally ill hospitals. Dix submitted her first pamphlet to the state legislature in 1843. During that time, pamphlets were the only way women could have a voice in politics. Women were not allowed to vote or even speak before a legislature. In her “memorial” Dorothea showed the world the harsh treatment and neglect that the mentally ill faced. Manon S. Parry…

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  • Rosie The Riveer Analysis

    The War Production Coordinating Committee poster, also commonly known as “Rosie the Riveter”, is a poster depicting a fictional character created during World War II. J. Howard Miller, an artist from Pittsburgh, was hired to create a series of posters to contribute to the war effort; one included the famous “We Can Do It!” poster (Doyle). During the time period of war, America was sending the majority of their male population off to fight and the nation needed people in the workforce to replace…

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  • Dorothea Lange's Impact On Americans Attitudes Towards The Great Depression

    photographer had on the American people through the research question: To what extent did FSA photographer Dorothea Lange have an impact on Americans attitudes towards the Great Depression? Through further exploration into the FSA program, specifically through the works of photographer Dorothea Lange in the US from the mid-1930s up to the early 1940s. It will examine a variety of sources: Dorothea Lange’s personal notes about her photographs, interviews, and a variety of books that document her…

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  • Family In Barn Analysis

    Could a photo of a family in a house show suffering? Dorothea Lange’s Living Conditions of Workers in Agriculture on whom Depend the Crops of California, Family of Migratory Cotton Pickers, Originally for Oklahoma, Living in Abandoned Cow Barn, Note Bed in Corner, Kern County, California (Family in Barn) offers an unusual view of Dust Bowl migrant workers that were displaced due to agricultural damage. Unlike many of her other photographs, Family in Barn does not depict squatters, or struggling…

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  • Photography: Jacob Riis And Dorothea Lange

    electronically by means of an image sensor. It can also be done chemically a light sensitive material like photographic film. Photography was a form of art that expanded and evolved between the 1840’s and the earl 19th centuries. Jacob Riis, and Dorothea Lange where two photographers that played a vital part in the evolution of photography at this time. Jacob Riis was born on May 3, 1849, in Denmark, and immigrated to the United States in 1870 on a ship. Upon his arrival in New York City, Riis…

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  • Informative Speech On Dorothea Lynde Dix

    Communications 111 Kendra Hietpas Informative Speech General Purpose: To inform Specific Purpose: To tell my audience how Dorothea Lynde Dix’s prison reform impacted the world. Central Idea: Dorothea viewed this issue as a major problem with our society and took matters into her own hands to change it. INTRODUCTION Attention Getting Material I want everybody to close their eyes. Dark, cold, chains, starvation. Open your eyes. What you just imagined were the daily issues that mentally ill…

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  • Dorothea Lange: Famous Photographer During The Great Depression

    Dorothea Lange’s Life Dorothea Lange was a famous photographer during the Great Depression. Dorothea Lange lived an interesting childhood. Lange took many popular pictures during the Great Depression era of different people. In addition even during Lange’s final years of life she still had a very fascinating life style. Dorothea Lange was an interesting person and a skillful photographer because, she had an interesting childhood, was a famous photographer during the Great depression, and a…

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  • Dorothea Dix Witnessed In Prison

    occurred in prisons and mental institutions all around the world. The editors, writers for a world renown history website, describe the awful conditions Dorothea Dix witnessed in prisons and mental institutions: “... flogged, starved, chained, physically and sexually abused by their keepers, and left naked and without…

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  • Dorthea Lange Essay

    Seeing some of the photographs and putting a meaning behind them was very influential on my perception of Dorothea Lange. Of course, I had seen many of her photographs, but seeing them through her eyes was an interesting experience for me. I found certain photographs informative of the times. Others, I found descriptive of something larger. Some were even beautiful…

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  • Dorothea Lange Research Paper

    Dorothea Lange is one of the most influential photographers of the twentieth century. Born in May 1895 in the United States her real last name was Nutzhorn. Lange was the maiden name of her mother, which Dorothea adopted as her own. She learned photography was enrolling in the New York school Clarence H. White, an American photographer, teacher and one of the founding members of the Photo-Secession movement, his influences where family and the rural social life of America. She studied there…

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