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  • Harvard Case Study The Four Western Blots

    A single cell cannot grow larger and larger indefinitely because on a cellular level and metabolic level, a cell requires essential provisions, cell-to-cell communication, and transport of molecules/nutrients. The outside of a cell grows slower than the inside of a cell. If a single cell were to continuously grow the outside layer of the cell would not be able to keep up. The larger a cell is, the more difficult it is to transport nutrients and oxygen from outside of the cell into the inside of…

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  • Essay On Senescence

    Senescence is a robust tumor suppressive mechanism that inhibits the proliferation of damaged as well as initiated cells in response to a diverse range of stresses. The observations that human benign cancer precursor lesions are comprised of senescent cells further provide evidence that senescence is a physiological mechanism that prevents cancer progression in humans, possibly at an early stage. Senescence is clearly not fail-safe, since cells in pre-cursor lesions occasionally progress towards…

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  • Enzymatic Reaction Research Paper

    1. Explain how an enzyme works, and how a coenzyme or cofactors may be involved in an enzymatic reaction. An enzyme is a type of protein that is produced by living organism, that also speeds up a chemical reaction without actually being involved in the reaction itself. Reactions occur under mild conditions; enzymes also control the metabolism, by taking out nonspecific side reactions. Enzymes catalyze each step of the chemical reactions in a metabolic pathway. In order for this to happen, all…

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  • The Morality Of Stem Cell Research In Human Life

    Stem cell research brings up the idea of advanced technology. If a person has the technology to do something, does that necessarily mean that we have the obligation or expectation to do so? C.S. Lewis once said that, “Man’s power over nature turns out to be a power exercised by some men over other men with nature as its instrument. Man’s final conquest has proved to be the abolition of man.” In a sense, the destruction of man by man seems fitting in the case of stem cells. What it’s all boiled…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Punishment In North Korea

    It is forbidden for people who live in the country of North Korea to leave the country without permission of the government in power. Not only being on strict limits for leaving the country, the government in power tries to limit/restrict the people of North Koreas movement even inside their own country. You must have a clearly stated particular responsibility/duty or purpose if you wish to go to another part of the country and receive permission from your work unit. For those not living in…

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  • Collegial Theory In College

    livelihood and persistence of all athletic teams. If regulations are violated, an investigation can occur and sanctions placed on the department. Mark Nagel, professor of sports and entertainment management at the University of South Carolina said, “some Division III teams are moving from the old approach of winning being secondary to it being the primary mission. Those schools have looked at athletics and said, ‘If we do a little more here and invest a little more there, we have a chance to…

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  • Peppermint Candy: Film Analysis

    of events played out in reverse order as they go back in time to show the protagonist, Yong-ho, living his life that begins with playful innocence during a sunny day and ends with his committing suicide by standing in front of a train, exclaiming, “I want to go back!” A significant piece of dialog, the desire to go back becomes a symptom caused by traumatic events and exudes the will to change the ever-influential past. Yong-ho experiences firsthand the cruelty with which the early military…

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  • Literacy In Korea

    Literacy has broader implications of the word than the definition in the dictionary. The reason why I recalled the moment of a middle school class in Korea is also related to impacts of literacy. That is because backgrounds and experiences of a person determine literacy of the person. Since I learned shallow definition of English words in Korea, sometimes I misunderstand lectures. These kinds of situations might be seen as one of 'literacy events ' due to different backgrounds. "Literacy…

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  • Cellular Senescence Essay

    Hypothalamic programming of systemic ageing involving IKK-b, NF-kB and GnRH (Zhang et al., 2013). Cellular senescence is when a cell’s replicative mechanism becomes arrested. This was phenomenon was first described in Hayflick’s experiment. Cellular senescence is usually due to protect the cell from becoming cancerous but it also plays a prominent role in aging (van Deursen, 2014). While senescence describes a halt in proliferation, cancer development is the uncontrolled proliferation of…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Journey To South Korea

    On the 16th day of November, I had left the comforts of my hometown of Denver to begin the journey to South Korea. In this journey I was fortunate to learn and study about the Korean criminal justice system and the strong culture they value. After a long 16 hour flight I had finally arrived in Incheon Korea. After waiting for the bus, and the check in at the hotel I was ready to explore Korea until my classmate arrived. When the whole class arrived the following day, I was eager to get out and…

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