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  • Kotter's Seven-Step Vision Process Model

    change within 4ABCT is paramount in order to return to its storied heritage of excellence by being a contributing member of the division. In order to complete the change from its current state to a well-respected unit, I would execute a blended version of the seven-step vision process with John Kotter’s eight-stage model to create successful and lasting change. First, I would begin with conducting an initial assessment of the brigade prior to taking command, which is the first step in the…

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  • John Steinbeck's Search For America Analysis

    people. Specifically, white people in the south were very racist, and this, in addition to giving America a sense of division regionally, gave America a sense of division racially. In fact, in New Orleans, Steinbeck attended an event where ladies called Cheerleaders protested black students entering a school, being very hateful and racist throughout. Another example of racial division in America in Steinbeck’s journey was when he picked up a racist Southern man, who, talking to him, said “We…

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  • Marbles In The Classroom Assignment

    home, which makes me think that those problems affect her classroom behavior. English is her first and only language. Although I have been in the classroom all semester I still wanted to ask her a few basic questions to help me create interesting math problems to use. I found out that her favorite candy is Jolly-ranchers, her favorite…

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  • Pigeon Hill Research Paper

    the battle Smith’s division had camped northwest of Kennesaw Mountain, in order to get to their position on time they had to march many miles in the night. That evening Willis told his men to be ready for the assault the following day. It was not until one hour before the assault on the 27 that…

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  • Major General Walter Boney Character Analysis

    The 28th Infantry Division, what there was of it, was in full tactical retreat, heading south towards Washington D.C., they hoped to hook up with any leading elements of the 3rd Infantry Regiment. Assuming of course they knew Colonel Magnus and his hoard was heading their way. They were being led by Major General Walter Boney, he was a combat veteran of Iraq, leading the Division while in Ramadi. He had also commanded various Brigades and other units all over Europe finally landing the job…

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  • How To Write A Math Practicum

    I did my math practicum in a sixth grade classroom over at Emerson Elementary. I had been doing some service learning hours at the beginning of the semester and observed quite a few math lessons. I then worked with a few students but focused specifically on just one for this practicum. He was a student that Mr. Craner said did well in math at times but has a hard time understand why. During my initial interview before I would teach the lessons, I had asked him if he could remember what they…

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  • Pper Division

    For division, teachers should help students identify and use different meanings of remainders to help the learners understand and apply different rules. As students become knowledgeable of the different meanings that the remainder possesses they will be able to interpret the quotient in different ways. Throughout this paper, I will describe the different interpretations of the remainders and division problems using various examples.…

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  • Classroom Misconceptions

    you help students understand the notion of equivalence among fractions or prepare them for this understanding? One misconception I have encountered with fraction is that students have a misunderstanding of what the denominator and numerator represent when using a visual aid. For example, if given a picture with ¾ shaded, they cannot identify which is the denominator…

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  • Reflection On Slice Fractions

    In preparation for fractions number talk what I observed was very beneficial for students at the carpet it allowed students to discuss and share with one another. I liked the fact that after a student share students had to give a particular cue saying if they agreed with peer. I thought that was awesome. I also like how she went over what to expect during learning at table and how students will share. So some type of feedback was to be expected even if student did not still quite understand. As…

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  • Uncoiling Process

    Transportation in the decisive action and the uncoiling of a heavy division has not be reviewed in depth since 2003. Our Army has marginalized the importance of this critical task for the better part of 15 years. However, Major General Wayne Grigsby, Commanding General of the First Infantry Division, identified the need in understanding how critical the uncoiling process is in the decisive action. 1st ID in preparation for Warfighter Exercise (WFX 16-04), conducted a series of Command Post…

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