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  • Constantine's Influence On The Rise Of Christianity And Rome

    Constantine was one of the greatest emperors during the time of the Roman Empire. Christianity helped the Roman empire from not collapsing and Constantine found a way to improve both Christianity and Rome. Christianity took the blame for all problems the empire faced, Constantine was a great ruler and was the reason Rome was saved, and Constantine brought Rome and Christianity together by making it the religion of Rome. This allowed Rome to flourish and it is credited to Constantine and…

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  • Community Observation Report Sample

    different people yet always in the same location, I realized that it was not a coincidence, these people were a subgroup of the university that had claimed this spot as their meeting spot. There were many actions and visual cues that made this group stand out; As I mentioned before they played extremely loud music in a very public area,…

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  • Essay On Support Groups

    On a late Monday night in November, I had the chance to attend an Alcoholic Anonymous support group hosted in a church called Forest Hills Presbyterians church. The support group name was not the typical name we mostly hear about an AA group, the name was Progress Not Perfection. Which made me question if it was an AA support group or a group for other meeting but it turned out to be an AA support group. The purpose of the group is for alcoholic individuals to come together and exchange support…

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  • Athenodorus The Great David Analysis

    and his sons, Agesander and Athenodorus and Polydorus of Rhod es, sculpture, 150 B.C.E -first century C.E. Discobolus, Myron, sculpture, 460- 450 B.C. Rome: Column of Trajan, Apollodorus of Damascus, Column sculpture, 106 - 113. Emperor Constantine I , unknown sculptor, Marbl e statue, 325 - 326. Early Christian: Jonah m:d the Whale, sculptor unknown, sarcophagus, late third century Jesus the Good Shepard, painter unknown, mural, fourth century Gothic: Annunciation and Visitation,…

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  • Essay On Christianity In The Roman Empire

    emperor Trajan (r. 98-117) to the province of Bithynia on official business. During his visit, Pliny encountered Christians, and he wrote to the emperor about them. The governor indicated that he had ordered the execution of several Christians, "for I held no question that whatever it was they admitted, in any case obstinancy and unbending perversity deserve to be punished." However, he was unsure what to do about those who said they were no longer Christians, and asked Trajan his advice. The…

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  • Constantine In Eusebius's The Midday Sun

    I would say that the arch nemesis of the Roman empire during Constantine’s reign were the Persians. The emperor Constantine had previously negotiated peace with the Persian emperor, mainly due to the fact that the number of Christians had greatly increased in Persia as stated in his letter to the Persian emperor “I mean of course the Christians, my concern being for them – how pleasing it is for me to hear…

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  • Gender Differences In Genesis 1-2

    was not an afterthought or secondary being, but rather was made to complete creation and was made from Adam’s rib so that man and woman are equal in standing (Gen 2:22). In Genesis 2:18 the Lord declares, “‘It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.’” This passage makes it clear that humans were not created for isolation but for relationship. Along the same thread, God teaches in Genesis 2 through this original couple that marriage is intended for one man…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience In Vietnam

    Seattle, and I wore my Army dress uniform. Stepping off the bus, I ran 100 yards to the entrance of the Airport. After I purchased my ticket and checked my bags, I headed to the bar. It was the time of the winter equinox, and I was headed home with my discharge in my duffle bag. I suppose I should have worn my civilian clothes, but I had been stateside six months, and the comradeship I experienced in Vietnam had yet to loosen its grip on me. As I entered the bar, I saw another combat veteran. I…

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  • White Trash Bash Short Story

    My family and I are celebrating with my moms side which is the Inman’s. We get to see all our cousins and swim with them. There is a lake, a volleyball court but there is no net, sadly we forgot to bring one for the weekend. Tomorrow we are having a ‘White trash bash’. What is a “White Trash Bash’ you ask? This is where you wear clothing that you normally would not wear in public here in Albion but some may wear because we may label them as “rednecks”. When we get to the Cabin I see the…

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  • Justinian Pope Maximinus Analysis

    image I want to talk about today is found inside the Church of San Vitale. It was dedicated by Bishop Maximianus in 547 in honor of Saint Vitalis, who was second century martyr. The churches artwork depicts…

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