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  • Importance Of English As A Lingua Franca

    but this prevents from regional variations. British English has a regionless upper-class pronunciation, called Received Pronunciation or RP, which enjoys almost universal prestige. But linguists have found no justification for considering one dialect or accent better than another. Some languages have a restricted vocabulary in certain areas, but it seems all languages have the potential to express any aspect of human thought or endeavor. Many languages which have been made national languages…

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  • What Does Grammar Mean To You Essay

    The New York Times dialect map pinned me, based on my use of language, as a New York City, Paterson, or Yonkers native. I find that extremely interesting because it is true – I spent the last eighteen years of my life in a New Jersey suburb an hour outside of the Big Apple. How did the Times know? Is it because I am familiar with the term “mischief night?” Is it because I call my Nikes “sneakers?” Whatever the reason, dialects, while understood by those who are familiar, can be lost in…

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  • Common Trope Language In Culture

    they also had trouble understanding the native people. So it was hard for them to spread their religion amongst the natives until the natives and missionaries comprehended each other (Aikhenvald 2003, 4). The understanding of language, register, and dialect can also cause a separation amongst people and cultures. The previously mentioned Western Apache, have a relatively clear understanding of the “whitemen” or Anglo-Americans language; Consequently, they understand the Anglo-American fairly.…

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  • The Symbols Of Standard Written English

    Since the late 15th century, European Colonization has influenced most of the world through its dialect and culture. According to the United Nations, the role of Standard English has rapidly developed into one of the few languages to become a “world language” (“Official Languages | United”). With a language that can draw diverse emotions in people, there is no doubt that Standard Written English is the most popularly taught language worldwide. Symbols, such as “the American Dream” or "greedy…

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  • Importance Of Learning The English Language

    only smile a lot. For people who are just getting to know me they have the understanding that I am shy, but still friendly which is how I have been since I was a little girl. However, if I get to know a person better then I will create more of a dialect. My language communicates who I am because I always choose my words wisely and have a calming tone. Because of this, people understand that I am not a hyperactive person, I am calm and rational. They should get a sense of this because I do not…

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  • Trading Stories By Jhumpa Lahiri Analysis

    of a stuffy dead man in tights but rather the musings and music of a man in his time unafraid to use the vulgarities, vagarities, and languages of his era to create popular art". Through Shakespeare, Marshall was inspired to combine the different dialects he heard with his own poetry and rap. Lastly, for Gloria Anzaldua, language enabled her to include her Chicano culture into her classroom. Anzaldua was a professor and a teacher, throughout her teaching career, she had to beg…

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  • The Importance Of Standard Australian English

    1.0 – Introduction According to Bloomsbury International (2014), “Approximately one new word is added to the English language every two hours and around four thousand new words are added to the English dictionary every year.” Language is a way for people to communicate with those around them, sharing notions and conventions of those from the same cultural backgrounds and spreading this so others can learn (Corder, 2013). The way language is communicated varies depending on the environment and…

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  • Cultural Geography: Languages-Spoken On Planet Earth

    situation is called a dialect. A “Dialect” is any form of a language that is odd to a specific group or region. According to James M. Rubenstein, there are a total of three dialect regions, and they are New England, Southeastern, and Midlands. There are also major dialects in the United States by itself. These dialects are called the North, Southern, Midlands, and the west. Dialects are based on spelling, vocabulary, and the way individuals pronounce the words. An example of a dialect would be…

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  • Curricular And Personal Reflection Paper

    In many classrooms across America today, race and ethnicity are very much on the table. Teachers dream of seeing their students discuss difference in a constructive way. Some educators actively encourage their classes to get outside their comfort zones and confront the country’s racial history, but I ask myself after reading McIntosh’s Interactive Phases of Curricular and Personal Re-Vision Model, how much was race and ethnicity practice in the classroom long ago when I was in elementary. I can…

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  • Language Variation In Isixhosa

    the whole population recognise these words and say them rather than “Kumina” and “Umtram”. It is interesting because it seems as though isiZulu is phasing out when it comes to these words. This could be because majority of people come from a Xhosa dialect rather than a Zulu one according to what the data suggests. It could also be due to the Zulu culture being more secluded but one does not know for sure. Either way, it shows that Xhosa does not display much variation with these two words and…

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