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Being able to speak, write and communicate in SWE is a normal day to day attribute. Having the understanding of different dialects of English such as American English, Canadian English and Australian English is a very impressive skill, it allows people from different societies to be able to interact in a way that they feel comfortable with each other. Although the English language has been firm, the recent emerges of different societies has resulted in the English language to break down into different dialects to enable better communication and understanding.

The English language has always been predominantly the universal language of communication. The different dialects of the English language have become the sole reason for good communication.
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Being able to collectively speak in one way with one group of people and differently with another group allows societies to be rich with each other. They feel empowered by having someone who is able to speak the same way they are. This allows societies with sub groups of people to engage with one another using the different dialects to enforce a better understanding between the two. When an American and Australian speak to one another, they speak using a dialect in which both people are fluent and comfortable in. By doing so; it results in a mutual understanding that both parties are able to grasp the language and understand it. Equally if you attend a certain gathering you have to speak and act a certain way which only be suitable for the situation therefore Stephen fry declares you slip into a suit and you dress your language up too, you can wear what you like linguistically or sartorially when you’re at home or with your friends but most people feel the need to smarten up under some circumstances its only considerate (Fry). He insists that in order to have mutual understanding or pertaining a common ground between two people it is necessary for one to be able to mold their language for the situation that they’re in. He insists that different English dialects are beneficial because people are able to shape the way they word their language for the circumstance they are …show more content…
In the addition of these new dialects in the English language there has been a lot of arrogant children and adults who are rightful to believe that the SWE (Standard Written English) is the only dialect that should be spoken. David Foster Wallace argues that many Americans believe “the real truth, of course, is that SWE is the dialect of the American elite. That it was invented, codified, and promulgated by Privileged WASP Males and is perpetuated as "Standard" by same. Foster reveals how many Americans believe that the there should be one pristine English dialect because it allows everyone to speak and write one way to decrease the amount of misunderstanding between groups of people. They believe that they should be speaking the way the high class people spoke because it was sought out to be the most effortless

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