Our Language Differences Don T Make No Sense Analysis

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Growing up speaking out loud was always difficult; people would stare and whisper. Their whispers would make us feel like we were invisible and they did not know that we could hear them. Raffaela Zanuttini is an advocate for grammatical diversity within the English language. In Zanuttini’s article, “Our Language Prejudices Don’t Make No Sense,” she explains how negative comments directed to minority groups, about their English language, appear to be inappropriate. For example, Zanuttini writes, “The recipes are simply different, and we should consider ourselves fortunate and appreciate the varieties that they yield.” (138) Society has always made up a role for someone based on where they come from or how they look. Looks have always have been …show more content…
Malcolm X was a powerful Black Muslim leader who discovered the power of words. In Malcom X’s article, “Coming to an Awareness of Language,” he writes about being in prison and writing to huge leaders but not feeling smart enough and copying the dictionary to help him learn the influence of words in his letters. Malcolm X writes, “I became increasingly frustrated at not being able to express what I wanted to convey in letters that I wrote.” (68) For instance, there are times where we are uncertain if we want to be alone or have someone actually listen to our problems. Feeling like we cannot get our thoughts out we tend to have them rummaging in our heads forever. A similar thought they we all have is not being good enough for society to appreciate us. When these painful thoughts stay in our minds we actually start to believe them and start completely shutting out the possibility of actually finding someone who struggles the same way we do. Together we expect ourselves to be the best that we can be by always comparing ourselves to other people. We tend to obsess over what we should or should not say so, we decide not to say anything at all. Having these thoughts leaves us to feel physically and emotionally

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