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  • Discourse In Discourse

    There are dozens of languages on this planet for the purpose of millions or even billions of people to be able to communicate with each other. Even within one language there are different dialects and sects which help to make communication with in one certain group even more efficient. In English for example there are thousands of different words just within the English language. However, because the English language is so diverse and carries…

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  • What Is Something Important To You Essay

    If I were about to granted another chance to rewrite my memoir, I would definitely do so. Down here would be my rewritten version of my memoir, which was corrected directly from my original one. There was an old saying: “There are no two identical leaves in the world," but I asked myself: "Why so? What were their differences? Was it color, size, or shape? Despite their differences, I believed each of them had own life, in which was different from others because of the effect of environment. For…

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  • Social Differences

    blacksmith’s boy, you might know the son of the local baronet, but you didn’t speak his language. You spoke the language of your social group, and he that of his, and over the centuries these social dialects remained widely separated” (329). England today is still separated by the difference in dialects and accents, and it is easy to tell someone’s background and family history solely based on the way they are speaking. It is hard to cross the social lines because of the great barrier that…

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  • Should Students Use Their Own Language Essay

    article “Students’ Right to Their Own Language” provides an argument regarding a resolution arrived at by the Conference on College Composition and Communication Committee (CCCC) concerning students’ dialects. From the article, this became an issue due to an influx of students with foreign dialects in American schools. Thus, the significant argument in the article regarded whether students should uphold language variety, modify or eradicate it altogether. Some scholars assume the existence of…

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  • Importance Of Standard American English

    integrity and speak properly? This situation is one that I know I am not alone in, which leads me to ask: What is standard American English, really? I think it has more to do with where you are rather than a “by the book” grammatical breakdown of a dialect given to a country by the…

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  • Similes In Why Good English Is Good For You

    “Language is a flexible changing, living organism that belongs to the people who speak it” (Simon 336). The different regions have their own slangs, dialects, and accents due to the influence of those people who infiltrated the region many years ago when America was first established. The different cultures that incorporated their homeland’s dialect mixed their language with our version of English to transform and over time eventually change their language to the type of English we recognize…

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  • English Language Proficiency Assessment

    English language learners (ELLs) are the fastest growing student population within the United States. According to a recent report by the U.S Government Accountability Office, approximately 5 million ELL students were enrolled in schools, representing an estimated 10% of all public school students (GAO, 2006). In California, it is already the case that more than 25% of the students in grades PK-12 are ELLs (Stokes-Guinan & Goldenberg, 2010). Therefore, it is of utmost importance to understand…

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  • Always An Irishman Analysis

    (left) spoke, I had trouble understanding him. There were many times when I had no idea what he had just said.” This quote by Jerry Flynn’s granddaughter, Gwen (Koehler) Stauder, reflects the fact that Jerry speaks the English language with an Irish dialect, called an Irish brogue. The Irish not only use some words in a way that is different from the way that they are used in America, but they also speak the language with a rhythm and tone that is often hard for many Americans to understand.…

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  • Prek Language

    imagination, creativity, and rapid fire thinking, these mosaics are unique to each individual person and the language they consistently shape on their own. But where does this originality in a common language come from? What is it that forms people’s own dialects and manners when speaking? It is a possibility that it may be from family, but it is both statistically and logically a much higher possibility that it is from one’s peers and surroundings. For most of people, it is normal to have a…

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  • Creole Language Analysis

    a family of Polynesian, which is a sub-family of Austronesian languages. There are two official languages spoken in Hawaii: (1) Hawaiian; (2) English. Then we have Hawaiian Creole English (HCE), often known as “Pidgin” in Hawaii. This is not any dialect of Hawaiian or English, but combines aspects of both – hence making it a “creole” language. As last estimated of its native speakers in 2001, was of about 0.1% - making it an endangered species of language. It was first reported in 1778 as a…

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