Should Students Use Their Own Language Essay

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Should Student’s Use their Language in School? The article “Students’ Right to Their Own Language” provides an argument regarding a resolution arrived at by the Conference on College Composition and Communication Committee (CCCC) concerning students’ dialects. From the article, this became an issue due to an influx of students with foreign dialects in American schools. Thus, the significant argument in the article regarded whether students should uphold language variety, modify or eradicate it altogether. Some scholars assume the existence of “Standard English” forgetting how difficult it is for humans to utilize language. Regardless, linguistics has failed on various fronts concerning explanation of language acquisition and dissemination. …show more content…
In this context, equality is viewed from various aspects including race, gender and language. However, if these institutions are allowed to promote the American Standard English, this abounds as discrimination considering that currently, many international students attend these institutions; thus, they will feel discriminated against. According to the article, when students are allowed to utilize their language, this will promote the achievement of much both educationally and ethically. Thus, linguistic teaching should be focused more on advancing student’s career and language rather than discriminating them. “Standard English” should not be the basis as long as students can communicate effectively. In my opinion, students with difficulty in the English language should be accorded equal chance with those who come from backgrounds that speak the prestigious varieties of English. This will motivate them to learn and secure positions in social and the business world. In conclusion, it has been decided that students should be allowed their language in school because when teachers try to impose the American Standard English on students, it is tantamount to exerting their culture over the student’s. Arguably, preservation of culture for posterity is significant than dealing away with culture. This explains why teachers should focus on helping students maintain their dialects as a form of cultural

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