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  • Persuasive Essay On Obama Care

    In a country of democracy, citizens have the rights to choose what is best for themselves. However, the governments often disregard or repulse those rights. For instance, in 2010, President Barack Obama signed an Act called ACA, which also known as the Obamacare in order to make sure all citizens have a health insurance coverage. Although at that time for some people it seemed to be a great idea, it did not balance on both sides because it did not seem to be fair for others. As Michael Hart a…

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  • President Bush 9/11 Speech Analysis

    The word “terrorism”, breaking such a peaceful silence, can cause the people around you to look at you with a naked eye and a distasteful frown. Terms like these have no good reputation behind them, more likely, they strike fear into civilians and even the higher-ups. Nowadays, we know certain people and/or group(s) who wield “terror” known as terrorists and use it for the worst of things, all resulting into more chaos and tragedy. To be more specific, these results pertain to blowing up a…

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  • Patriotic Right To Criticism Analysis

    Analytical Essay: Patriotic Right to Criticism Criticism of one’s nation, including the criticism of its actions in war, is an essential right of every American as it’s the basis of democratic change in this nation. Several of the actions and policies enacted by the United States were due to the actions of patriotic, influential individuals who criticized their own nation. Typically, these individuals criticized the U.S. for its own betterment. However, there are others who may argue that it’s…

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  • Reaction Paper About The Movie Game Change

    The 2008 elections broke down many barriers for minorities in the United States; the word minority is referring to women and black people. This was the first time a woman, Sarah Palin was chosen as a running mate for vice-president as well as the first election where a black man, Barack Obama became popular enough to win the presidential race. The movie Game Change is a non-fiction film that follows Barack Obama’s opponent John McCain as he is running his campaign and the choices his campaign…

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  • Hillary Clinton Photo Analysis

    Hillary Clinton is one of the most talked about people in America today. One major reason is because she could possibly become the 1st woman president of the United States this year. As we all know Hillary Clinton is a busy person, no matter the time, place, or event. Earlier this year a photo of The Secretary of The United States, possibly texting on her phone in public surfaced the web. Even though Hillary Clinton was not dressed professionally and was wearing shades, which tells that she was…

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  • Democrats Vs Republicans Essay

    this country is governed by two major parties, Democrats and Republicans (Eleanor, n.d.). Democrats do not just consist of people who are working to help the people with less income. Republicans do not only work for the people with a higher tax bracket. There are so many people that do not fully understand what these two parties consist of. In order to understand the differences and beliefs between them, it is important to understand the history of each party, and the motives they have for…

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  • Analysis Of John F Kennedy's Inaugural Address

    The morning of Friday, January 20th, 1961 was a typical crisp winter day. The ground veiled by a coating of white snow, Vice President Johnson, President Eisenhower, Vice President Nixon, and President Truman stand bundled up on the steps of the Capitol Building. Crowded people excitedly wait for the main spectacle; the inauguration of President John F. Kennedy. The memorable event is recorded in many sources and the importance of the occasion is universally understood. This is recorded in…

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  • Wake Up Happy Book Report

    Michael Strahan, an NFL legend, turned broadcaster, made his name on and off the field. In his new book, Wake Up Happy, he gives readers advice and shares personal stories to explain how we can transform ourselves and our lives for the better. Michael Strahan implements 18 rules in his life and we too, can apply the same rules into ours, so we can all, “Wake Up Happy!” Michaels first rule is, “Help can–and will–come from the most unexpected places. Be open to everything around you.” Strahan…

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  • Overcoming Adversity In Purple Hibiscus

    “You should never view your challenges as a disadvantage. Instead, it’s important for you to understand that overcoming adversity is actually one of your biggest advantages.” - Michelle Obama. The quote connects to the novel Purple Hibiscus by the main character, Kambili, who uses adversity to elicit talents. In the novel Purple Hibiscus, Chimimanda Ngozie Adichie writes about a young girl named Kambili who lives with a religious and strict family and starts to find herself by visiting her…

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  • Andrew Jackson Political Philosophy Essay

    The spirit of Jackson’s political philosophy was indeed democratic. He was in favor of the participation of the common man in the government. He was a populist leader, a war hero, and he believed in the power of the “common man”. Instead of all this republican thinking, Jackson’s political philosophy had some serious limitations. That is his political philosophy can best be described as Jackson’s democracy, or to be more precise a limited democracy. Jackson political philosophy was built on the…

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