Media Influence On Elections Essay

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How the media influence gave rise to Donald Trump In this twenty first century, there is a new way of globalization, and it is the media. It has more power and influence over the people. The role of a media is very vital, especially, when it comes to political elections. The media plays a huge role when it comes to providing voters a platform about the political parties and their respective presidential candidates. From the Democratic parties we have Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, as the front runner for the Democratic Party. And from the Republican side we have the billionaire Ms. Donald Trump, as the front runner for the Republican Party. And throughout their candidacy, the media have covered their respective political …show more content…
Unlike any other presidential elections, this year has been a crazy one, because candidates are spending tons of money just for TV ads. The reason for that is simple as things go, the media are only focusing their lights on Donald Trump, and indeterminately other candidates are trying to compete with the spotlight giving to Donald Trump. According to Matthew Continetti (2015) who is a reporter for commentary magazine points out that “the media are far more interested in Trump’s response to another candidate 's response to something Trump said than in, for example, his support for single-payer health care. He drowns out every other candidate, every other subject”. This have had a tremendous effect on other candidates, for example during the presidential debate almost all the time some presidential candidate such as Randy Paul, Rick Santorum, George Pataki, Jim Gilmore and other had struggled with the time giving for the debate, as they were not allowed to respond to the remarks Donald Trump gave during his speech. Due to this fact and falling low in the polls for the presidential elections, those presidential candidates have dropped out of the race early on. This goes on to show the media has been bias during the presidential debate and in their coverage of other presidential

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