Donald Trump Weaknesses

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The Republican Party front runner is non other then the infamous Donald Trump. With Trump being at 44% in the polls, its no question that trumps “attitude and what some say “realness” is the reason for him being this high in the polls. Donald Trump’s strengths, I believe; is only his business man knowledge. His weakness include, being harshly vocal on pressing issues in our country, such as gay marriage, gun control, and the immigration policy, Its would be unrealistic if any other candidate did and said what Donald Trump does. But What is driving his stats to the roof, is his message behind every debate, and the conference he does, The stuff he has said should have broken him by now giving him a less of a chance to go up in the polls, but …show more content…
The media is fueling his campaign, creating more buzz, and getting his word and name out. Creating; the now drastic increase in the polls. The immaturity Trump continues to display when his lack of substance and inappropriate behavior addressed is fascinating and America loves it; which is creating the huge media frenz.,From Trumps inappropriate comment towards media anchor Megan Kelly about her “attitude” to him at the Republican GOP Debate; stating “ She had blood coming out of her. she has blood coming out of her-wherever” then defending himself. To the widely known immature comments on illegal immigrants and the way he handles Univision own, Jorge Ramos when he threw him out for asking hard questions on immigration. Although, this wasn’t the first time Trump has made the media swirl over comments like these, it is certainly not the last. That being said, I think if Donald Trump were to be president, it would be a huge embarrassment to our country. I do not think Trump has proven anything other then being a very, uneducated, inexperience, unknowledgeable candidate in the 2016 presidential elections, and that’s all I will say about

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