Critique Of Doggedness And Defiance : How Trump Won '

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Critique of “Doggedness and Defiance: How Trump won”
The Fox News “Media Buzz” article, Doggedness and Defiance: How Trump Won, by Howard Kurtz asserts that, “Trump's defiance enabled him to pull off a ‘miracle’” Hillary Rodham Clinton in the 2016 presidential election. The article summarizes some of the major scandals and events involving Donald J. Trump, during his 2016 presidential campaign. It then draws the conclusion that Trump’s defiance is what enabled him to overcome the odds and be elected president. The article uses evidence which conflicts with how our political system works, by misrepresenting how miraculous and unexpected Trump’s victory was and inaccurately defending the claim that his defiance enabled his victory.
One central theme throughout the article is that Trump’s victory surmounted expectations, and “broke every rule in the political handbook”. While it is true that many people did view him as an underdog, its false to say that his election broke every rule of political science. In fact, his election is explained well by fundamentals principals of political elections. Historically presidential election outcome is usually forecastable well in advance, as elements of the campaign, like advertising, campaign visits, and scandals generally have a minimal impact on the result, and are generally covered in a balanced way. (Class 16: Campaigns and Elections) Based upon professor Alan Abramowitz’s predictive model, we would have expected Trump to win the

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