The Land Of The Patriot Act In The United States

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The Land of the Unfree The word “patriot” has changed in meaning throughout time; however it has always seemed to be defined as someone that vigorously supports their country. Within the last few decades terrorism has become a major issue and if it wasn’t for the creation of the USA Patriot Act in 2001, by President George W. Bush, we probably would have had a larger amount of terrorist attacks then we actually had. The Patriot Act has helped monitor foreign communications, as well as electronic communications in America. This act was created in response to the tragedy that happened on September 11th, 2001 at the World Trade Center in New York. As of December 2011 the Patriot Act has prevented over 42 terrorist attacks on American soil, that’s …show more content…
It wasn’t until the Patriot Act that America finally started to become protected fully from terrorism and other foreign affairs. The current issue is that the Patriot Act recently lost some serious sections; most importantly the NSA can no longer store information from what the gather using the Patriot Act. A lot of citizens are rejoicing because they believe that they no longer are being monitored, but they only removed that they can’t long-term store information anymore, so that means were still being monitor and prosecute terrorist and criminals and crimes using the Patriot Act. The scariest part is that the recent cancellation of the renewal shows that storm is a brewing and either the Patriot Act is going to be fully removed or hopefully a more advanced and detailed act will be created. Terrorism is still a major issue today; however the Patriot Act can still monitor the Internet to prevent terrorist groups, like ISIS, from communicating and planning other terrorist attacks around the world (ABC News). The world has definitely changed since 2001, but as it’s changed many people are beginning to overlook what happened fourteen years ago, because it’s all in the “past”. How can you call one of the most tragic disasters in American history unimportant? We need to change our ways of thinking before we start making any more drastic changes to our American

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