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  • Dwight Eisenhower's Foreign Policy

    Dwight Eisenhower lived a prolific life. In his lifetime he earned plenty of awards and medals. Eisenhower commanded the troops in North Africa during World War II and eventually climbed to the top rank of a 5 star General. He was the top commanding General of the Allies and as the Supreme Allied Commander he led the forces to invade on D-Day. Later defeating the Germans. Post war, Dwight did not want to do anything with politics but he was the right man for the right job. He led military…

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  • Donald Trump Case Study

    Donald trump is the United states current presidential elect. Throughout his campaign he pushed for strong change on immigration into the country. Mr. Trump has three main objectives that he wishes to see through during his presidential term. The first goal is to address the eleven million undocumented immigrants residing in the country today. He believes that these people are taking jobs, rights, and privileges away from rightful, deserving, and legal Americans. He has proposed several methods…

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  • Benefits Of Driverless Car

    Driverless car is a work in progress that is potentially important in technology where a computer would drive the car instead of a person. Tyler Cowen, professor of economics at George Mason University says, “The benefits of driverless cars are potentially significant. The typical American spends an average of roughly 100 hours a year in traffic; imagine using that time in better ways — by working or just having fun” (1). Cowen is sure that the transit system will work much better if people…

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  • Robots In The Military

    How are Robots Replacing the Humans in the Military Robots are the future of the military. This affects our future by deciding weather or not the men and women in service will live during active duty. Robots could potentially eliminate the human factor in combat completely. Robots could perform tasks such as firing a weapon, doing recon or partaking in perimeter patrol. Considering these factors, Robots are a useful tool in our nations military and they are the military’s future.…

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  • Military Spending Essay

    Military spending in the U.S has been a widely debated issue for years; should we spend more, or spend less? We are in the 21st century and the world is becoming a scarier place to live in. Our military needs to grow to keep citizens safe, restore peace, and protect allies. So why wouldn’t we increase military spending, what good would come of that except not spending as much, but at what cost? Our safety? The rest of the world is growing in technology and ways to harm the US. We need to be at…

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  • Garreau: The Pursuit Of Human Enhancement

    opportunity of enhancement —in the case of Eve, wisdom — for many, the desire to become better often over powers any, “low-probability, high-impact” consequences that may follow. So in this context I would compare the serpent to DARPA. I am not trying to imply that DARPA is an evil organization or that they are being ignorant and irresponsible with our potential future, but rather that they are opening the eyes of the public (the Adams and the Eves) to the fact that transcending our current…

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  • Space Race Impacts

    The Positive Impacts of The Space Race Following World War II, tensions between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. rose dramatically. These tensions eventually caused the Cold War, a war that did not contain any actual combat between the two countries, but contained U.S. foreign involvement to contain communism, an arms race, and the space race (“Cold War History”). The space race is defined as the period of time in the 50s and 60s where the U.S. and Soviets competed technologically to be the first to…

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  • History Of Synchronous Communication

    Task 1 Today, we do many things online. We do our banking, talk to friends and family, shop and watch tv shows, but all this we take for granted today was just a vague idea 50 years ago. In order to find how how we got this far lets go back to 1957. When it all began. In 1957 computers could really only work on one process at a time. This is known as batch processing. To speed up the computer speeds they had to build bigger computers to the point that the computers had to be stored in special…

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  • Chicklider's Impact On Society

    globally interconnected group of computers through which everyday people could efficiently obtain information and software from anywhere in the world. At its core, this idea was extremely similar to the Internet we utilize today. In October 1962, DARPA began a computer research program and Licklider was at the forefront of this vastly innovative program. This program did not directly result in the Internet but Licklider’s revolutionary ideas were passed on to those who came after him, of these…

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  • The Benefits Of Robotic Surgery

    instruments. Also, the U.S. government is planning for a huge uprising in robotic surgery. According to Minimally Invasive Robotic Surgery Shortens Recovery and Reduces Risks, “ The Trauma Pod program from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) envisions the operating room of the future”(Allan). Lastly, the government hopes to use…

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