Current personal development plan Essay

  • My Personal Development Plan

    further aid my professional development and add to my knowledge, I felt MSc in Sports Management and Leadership in the UK again was ideal for my further preparations. To Conclude, I am optimistic about the opportunities available in the UK and intent to make the most of it through knowledge attained at university and practical experience gained by engaging myself in sports related activities and jobs. Personal Development Plan: Personal Development Planning (PDP) is defined in the original Guidelines on Progress Files (QAA, 2001) as ‘a structured and supported process undertaken by an individual to react upon their own learning, performance and/or achievement and to plan for their personal, educational and career development’. Personal Development is the progress you need to achieve to make your way from your current situation to your ultimate aim. It is an honest analysis of skills you have and skills you need to in order to reach your desired destination. It is important to keep learning and developing at every stage of our life. As it is evident that in the current knowledge economy learning does not stop after graduation. Learning for the profession is only a starting point for learning in the profession. A successful person might be content with success and not take extra efforts to build on current success, while a struggling person might be more than happy to reach his next target irrespective of planning for his long-term development. Time never stands still,…

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  • Reflection Of Internship In The Health Care World

    success throughout humanity is an individual 's capacity to set goals and strive towards personal development. As we progress through life and get older, we as individuals tend to realize life only gets harder, and in the working world; life isn’t a walk to Elysium. With each passing year, life gets more extensive, and stress tends to consume us, although life is difficult we can achieve and overcome anything if we set goals and attempt to enhance our personal development. Personal development…

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  • 2.1 Assess Own Potential As A Effective Manager

    excellent communication skill, and can communicate with each of my employee. As a manager should be able to understand how people feel and why they feel for the decisions taken by them. I have the ability to provide instruction, guidance and advice and can also encourage helping the employees in enhancing their performances and ability. I also have the ability to be consistent and unbiased to the workers. 2.2 Analyse personal strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats Strengths • Able…

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  • Personal Leadership Development Plan Analysis

    Belasen (2012), emphasizes that management development approaches must target specific weaknesses and the psychological underpinnings, surpassing the typical “shotgun” approach of offering the same leadership training to all managers. This paper will examine both my strengths and weaknesses upon re-completing of the Competing Values Skills profile and outline a specific Personal Leadership Development Plan. First, I will analyze the strengths and weaknesses associated with these updated results…

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  • Why Seek Assessment, Challenge And Support Analysis

    Many believe leaders are born; but are they? In the article, Why Seek Assessment, Challenge, and Support, by H. Browning and E. Van Velsor we are persuaded to believe otherwise. Browning and Van Velsor “believe there are three key elements that drive leadership development: assessment, challenge and support” (2000, p. 7). Utilizing the elements of leadership development in addition to understanding where one currently resides in the 3 developmental situations allows a leader to grow and enhance…

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  • Reflection On Professional Development

    This assignment will reflect on the second year of the Foundation Degree in Education. The assignment includes School B (current setting) and refers back to School A (previous setting). There are formal and informal reflections on the learning journey that inform current professional development. Each module will be reflected on in a personal and professional manner and models of reflection used. Outlined will be my current role and responsibilities which reflect on the children’s development.…

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  • Professional Leadership Goals: Three Long-Term SMART Goals

    specific. It can be measured by my completion. It is achievable, realistic, and timely. It is the first true step I have taken to advance at my job. The second is to attend a minimum of three professional development opportunities, for my position at the college, each year, for the next 3 years. To accomplish this will require adequate budgeting, time management, and commitment to completing the goal. They can be accomplished either by travel and personal attendance or by webinar. It is…

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  • Lifelong Learning In Personal And Professional Context Essay

    Personal and Professional Development TASK 1 1.1: Evaluation of approaches to self-managed training. Self managed training is a when an individual plans, executes and evaluates his or her own learning. The learner is in control of when learning can happen, the duration and the learning experience or outcome. It is important to always review and adapt your training plan. It is unproductive to remain rigid with the plan, and allowing adaptations will improve its applicability and suitability…

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  • Retength And Strengths Of The Nurse Manager Skills Inventory

    examine their strengths and weaknesses and be open to continually build upon their strengths as well as improve and develop their areas of weakness (, 2016). The Nurse Manger Leadership Partnership’s (NMLP, 2008) Nurse Manager Skills Inventory is one tool to assist leaders to evaluate their strengths and areas that need further development. This paper will reflect upon my strengths and weaknesses identified in several sections within the NMLP’s (2008) skills inventory, how my…

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  • SWOT Analysis Of The KDK Company

    manager position in your department or work organisation. Introduction: I am working as sale supervisor which is responsible for all South regions in Vietnam at KDK Company. The KDK was founded by Japanese named Kawakita Denki Kigyoussha. Our products are the electric Fans, Ventilating Fan and Ceiling Fans. Part A: (appendix 1 & 2) (a). Perform a personal SWOT analysis (see Appendix 1) to evaluate your current work performance and work environment to determine skill gaps and potential pathways…

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