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  • Modesto Junior College Art Report

    I visited the Modesto Junior College Art Gallery, it is located on the East Campus in Modesto. The title of the artwork presented that day was “Geometries in Cold Welded Steel.” This artwork was presented by the artist Tom Duchscher. Duchscher has been teaching design, sculpture, and ceramics at MJC for the past 40 years. His work has been exhibited throughout northern California and pacific northwest. For the past four decades Duchscher has dealt with the exploration of geometric forms and has…

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  • Analysis Of Richard Notkin's 'All Nations Have Their Moment Of Foolishness'

    “All Nations Have Their Moment of Foolishness” Richard Notkin who had wrote the statement of, ¨All Nations Have Their Moment of Foolishness¨, has left many readers with different feelings towards his ceramics. Richard Notkin has sculptural teapots that have explored the complex environment with impacts of contemporary human civilizations. Notkin quoted, “I find myself in a transitional phrase that is quite challenging and often difficult, but necessary to the evolution and growth of my art”,…

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  • Analysis Of Calming The Inner Critic And Getting To Work

    everyone. We all have interesting stories to tell. If there is one thing that is true for every writer, it is that we all have an inner critic. Allegra Goodman advises writers how to get past their inner critic in her article, “Calming the Inner Critic and Getting to Work”. Silencing my inner judgments can be one of the most challenging parts of writing, but once the critic is silenced something magical and therapeutic emerges. While I was first learning to read and write I had difficulty with…

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  • Bibliosophy Of Art Essay

    Intro The purpose of this paper is to state the definitions and establish my opinions on the following topics: PCC’s definition of art, the bibliosophy of art, and Dr. Francis Schaeffer’s criteria for art. These topics can useful to not only artists, but for anyone critiquing art. They also can serve as guidelines or standards for an artist when creating a work of art. Art should not be arbitrary as it influences the cultures and societies around us. PCC’s Definition of Art The first…

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  • The Influence Of Beauty And Art Changed By William H. Gass

    According to William H. Gass, the concepts of beauty and morality are two unrelated concepts. Gass conjures the scene of a dinner party to prove his point with a myriad of characters and situations behind each action or object at the party. He claims that if the quail were to be unethically shot by a machine gun from a plane, it would be completely unrelated to if that quail were to be cooked badly. He also draws the example that the presence of a field marshal could not sour the wine. The…

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  • Propaganda Art

    Lesson: Propaganda Art of WWII Grade Level: Fourth Grade Unit: How does History Affect Art? In this unit, students will look at how what was happening at a specific point affected the art of that time. There are two lessons in this unit: 1. Propaganda Art of WWII, and 2. Art of the Great Depression. Objectives: By the conclusion of this lesson, all students will be able to: 1.) Discuss the propaganda art of WWII and will be able to explain its purpose and how it spread orally [art history].…

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  • Jack Vetrianno

    The Singing Butler as Seen by a Novice Art is said to be in the eye of the beholder. That sentence forces the notion that anything can be considered art depending on the viewer’s belief as to what is artistic. However, the people who sit at the epicenter of the art world: would have the masses believe that only they can determine if something is truly art. With those conflicting notions it is left to every patron of the art world to determine the artistic worth of every individual piece as each…

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  • How Do Video Games Help Children?

    Video games help children excel in today 's world. Children are introduced to technology at a young age; whether that technology is a full sized computer or Leapfrog, a child has interacted with it. Leapfrog is a great introduction for adolescents, it teaches kids the bare necessities that are needed when they start school (basic math and English). Technology is always changing, there is always something new out to help children progress further. Playing video games is a great way to improve an…

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  • Analysis Of Three Secrets For Silencing Your Inner Critic, By Andy Molinsky

    confidence until there is nothing left...unless you learn how to diminish it. On the same note, while reading an article titled “3 Secrets for Silencing Your Inner Critic,” by Andy Molinsky, I learned many things on how to do just that. Molinsky’s article in summary concluded three main tactics for suppressing your “inner critic” while also explaining that a lot of people have an inner voice and it is not just you. The three steps are letting your rational self take the wheel,…

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  • Barbara Ehrenreich's Nickel And Dimed

    “Barbara has written many other books that have awards. She is the author of twelve books, including the New York Times bestseller The Worst Years of Our Lives, as well as Blood Rites and Fear of Falling, which was nominated for a National Book Critics Circle Award.” (Back cover of the Nickel and Dimed online book by Barbara Ehrenreich) In the book Nickel and Dimed the author decided to attempt a test to figure out if it is possible to live on minimum wage. The author had gone through quite a…

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