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  • How Is Gatsby And The American Dream

    dream itself. Critic John A. Pidgeon states in his essay “The Great Gatsby,” that the novels theme “is the withering of the American Dream.” In Kimberly Hearne’s “Fitzgerald’s rendering of a Dream,” she said that “Fitzgerald attempts to correct Americas misconceptions about the American dream” through Gatsby. Adam Meehan’s “Repetition, Race, and Desire in The Great Gatsby” states that Gatsby is seen “as a figure for America” rather than the American dream itself. These three critics all have…

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  • The Themes Of Social Class In The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn

    Mark Twain, an ingenious writer, develops a book call The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. This book primarily focuses on an orphan boy call Huckleberry Finn and a runaway slave call Jim. They venture on the Mississippi River to meet and explore the world’s danger and social classes throughout the country. Moreover, social classes can create racism thereby, each social class needs to become more accepting of each other. Twain creates this intricate society by placing together various social…

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  • Act 2 Compare And Contrast Gloria And Vera

    Act I shows promise for Vera and Gloria while decades later showing a sad ending in Act II as exemplified by the critics of Vera’s life. What I didn’t get from reading the book was how bad it got for Vera later in life as shown by the productions ability of using the characters/acting, overall plot, theme, spectacle, music/rhythm, and language. The characters were portrayed with great animated acting, especially Vera showing enthusiasm in both Act I and Act II but in different ways between the…

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  • Pop Art: Lawrence Alloway's The Arts And Mass Media

    1950’s. Pop art came out in Britain and The United States culture. The origin of the name “Pop art” is unknown but it’s often credited to a British art critic named “Lawrence Alloway”. In Lawrence Alloway’s essay titled “The Arts and Mass Media”, even though he would not exactly use the words “Pop” and “Art”, he was one of the high level critics to approve Pop Art as a legitimate art form. Characterized by bold, simple and everyday imagery and vibrant block colors, helped to narrow the divide…

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  • Mcclymond The Chosen

    Colvert, Colvert discusses some of the critics’ views of Stephen Crane. One of these critics called him a very bad writer for his usage of language in a way in which he seems to end up at the extremes of writing. “Many of the critics also described Crane as a writer with a very eccentric style. According to Colvert, many of the readers during the early 19th century were not used to the…

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  • Foster Youth Misconceptions

    Being a critic for such a vulnerable community is difficult because ethically the critic has to separate himself or herself from being influenced by the misconceptions of the foster youth community that society has created. One misconception that society has for foster youth that are placed in relative foster homes is that they do not experience the same emotional turmoil as other foster youth that are placed in foster homes with non-relatives. By including quotes from the poems in the book…

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  • Literary Criticism: A Literary Analysis

    When the name “Case Western Reserve University” is mentioned, a myriad of subjects come to mind: research, science, engineering, breakthroughs, and technology, to name a few. In our great university, there seems to be a wider appreciation among students for the sciences than for the humanities -- this does not come as a surprise considering that CWRU is primarily a research university, and faculty and students have been conducting magnificent and ground-breaking scientific research for decades.…

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  • Arguments In David Bell's Essay In Defense Of Drones

    In his essay “In Defense of Drones: a historical argument,” David Bell defends the use of drones as a weapon from critics that doubt the moral and political implications of war “waged by one side without risk to the life and limb of its combatants.” Bell’s creates his arguments using comparisons, quotes, and facts. Bell’s first argument addresses the concern of drones “radically change[ing] the political dynamics of warfare” by comparing the purpose of drones to that of past weaponry. He states…

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  • Good Vs Evil In Huck Finn Analysis

    characters that have many qualities of being evil and/or villainous. Huckleberry Finn is a young man that lives in Missouri who has a father that is an abusive alcoholic father named Pap that makes his life a living hell when he is around. However, one critic believes otherwise. “A very refined and delicate piece of narration by Huck Finn, describing his venerable and dilapidated ‘pap’ as afflicted with delirium tremens, rolling over and over, ‘kicking things every which way,’ and ‘saying…

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  • The Worst Writing Experience Analysis

    distracting. Sometimes I wonder if I have ADD because I act like a squirrel just checking everything out; I swear if I saw a nut at that time I would freak out. Music help me calm down a little bit but there always my inner critic in the back of my head bugging me. If not my inner critic, there is always my conscience ready to attack with questions: What’s happening tonight? What am I doing with my life? Who am I? Once I would love to sit on my bed without getting interpreted by my brain…

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