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  • Navy Knowledge Online

    Navy Knowledge Online Navy Knowledge On-line is a single source web cite for all United States Sailors to help them with their career and personnel goals. This system gives the user the ability to access career management, personal development, leadership, and many learning tools. With-in the following paragraphs I will be providing an overview of the server-side and client-side hardware and software requirements for Navy Knowledge On-line. Also, analyzing the competitive advantage that this system can provide the user if they take the time to utilize it. Finally, I will propose a few recommendations for improving and enhancing this information system with additional features and functionalities. Server-Side Hardware Requirements To have a better understanding of the meaning server–side hardware, here is a brief description. It is the operations that are performed by the server when referring to users and a server within a computer network. Storage and processing data are done on the server side. The hardware is physical items that can be touched like monitors, keyboards, storage, hard drives, and servers. Server-side hardware requirements of this information system utilize a web server that is usable by anyone with a workstation or computer. Utilizing a computer network this system allows data to be transferred using network links. This system that serves 350,000 Military personnel does use a server farm, having a collection of servers, app programs that accept…

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  • Why I Want To Become A SEAL

    B average and you have to have great eyesight and hearing. There is another test you have to take besides the Buds. It is called the ASVAB, and it is a multiple-aptitude battery test which depicts a soldier's future role and success in the military. During their time at BUDS a SEAL will become a master at explosives, allowing them to both set a bomb and disarm one. The final thing a SEAL will learn at BUDS is “ Environment Awareness” which is how they blend in with their environment. SEALs have…

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  • Descriptive Essay: The Sunny Beach Of Coronado

    The sunny beach of Coronado was a cunning monster that deceived all of the tourist’s eyes that passed through during the winter months. Vacationers from all over the world traveled to Coronado for it 's beautiful waters and tourist attractions. But just behind the beauty that was seen by all, lied an unforgiving beast that took the hearts and souls of many young men including myself. For years, paddles have been washing up along the shoreline of Coronado as if it was spitting up it 's trophies…

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  • Tucson Compare And Contrast

    When one thinks of the word “desert”, the first thing that usually comes to mind is a sand landscape with saguaros and snakes. This image is very different to the reality of Tucson. One of the most notable things about Tucson is how it has lived under four different governments. Originally, it served under the Spanish government, but it became a part of Mexico, when Mexico declared its independence from Spain. Then during the Gadsden purchase, it was sold to the United States but was considered…

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  • Seven Gold Expeditions

    want to live in. In the southwestern part of the United States and northern Mexico, there were lands filled to the brim with gold and other riches. In 1539, one of the first expeditions to find these cities was led by Francisco Vasquez de Coronado who took on the long, difficult journey which was also known as Seven Cities of Gold Expedition. While exploring the Southwest United States and Northern Mexico, they came across many hardships and encountered many different groups of native tribe…

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  • Health Belief Model Theory

    Applying the components of HBM to breast cancer screening behavior, a woman will likely get screened for breast cancer if she (1) perceives she is susceptible to having breast cancer (perceived susceptibility); (2) perceives breast cancer is a severe disease (that is, the consequences of having the disease is severe—perceived severity); (3) perceives that taking the preventive action, mammography, will do some good (perceived benefits); (4) perceives there are minimal negative consequences if…

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  • Bryan Vs Shepherson Case Summary

    (Bryan-Vs-McPherson, 2009) Officer McPherson approached the passenger side of Bryan’s vehicle. Officer McPherson gave Bryan a verbal command to stay inside the vehicle. Bryan was beating himself up verbally. Bryan was only wearing boxers. Officer McPherson deployed his Taser gun against Bryan. The electrical current from the Taser gun immobilized Bryan, whereas, Bryan fell face first into the asphalt, fracturing four teeth and receiving facial contusions. Officer McPherson charged Bryan with…

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  • Residence Halls Paper

    “Coronado Residence Hall is a nine-story hall with 776 residents living in co-ed wings. Double rooms are “suite-style,” with a connecting bathroom shared by four students of the same-gender.” (Residence Life). Due to its size, this hall is know by many students on campus as the “Party dorm” and the “Social hall” of U of A. This dorm is a great example of resident life because, it houses such a wide variety of students. However, contrary to popular belief, multiple sources at the University of…

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  • Descriptive Essay About San Diego

    70-mile coastline. With near-constant sunshine and consistently comfortable temperatures, it’s a great place to visit year-round. In addition to its beaches, Balboa Park, SeaWorld and the New Children’s Museum make it one of the most popular family-friendly destinations in America. You will find fine dining, shopping and hotels all near San Diego International Airport (SAN). Postcard Beaches San Diego is home to more than 30 beautiful beaches, including the popular Pacific Beach, the…

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  • Native American Settlements In The 17th Century

    turned north, with Ponce de Leon mapping the area of Florida, Hernando de Soto discovering the Mississippi River, and Francisco Vasquez de Coronado exploring much of the Midwest. Since the Spanish dominated the south, France looked towards the north for colonization. Led by Captain Jacques Cartier, the French were able to map the St. Lawrence River and the Great Lakes by 1541. In 1605, Samuel de Champlain established Port Royal on the river and founded the first settlement of Quebec. From there,…

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