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  • Analyzing Olaniyi's Short Story

    When Olaniyi was leaving Nigeria It was a bittersweet moment. He was excited to see what america was all about, but was sad that he had to leave all his friends and family. Landing in america he immediately noticed the difference in the weather and people, and didn’t realize how this change in area was going to affect him. As his stay grew longer, he learned that not only was america very different and challenging, but he also learned that it was a place that he would eventually love. As…

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  • Essay On Republicanism

    When Thomas Jefferson and the founders were framing the newly formed nation they saw a very different direction of what the United States was to become. For the founders, republicanism was deeply rooted on the principle of "the people" sovereignty and not the abusive aristocratic monarchy used in colonial times. However, with social and economic changes republicanism slowly morphed into an idea that was to modernize with the changing American rhetoric. This sudden change in Republicanism would…

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  • Racial Profiling Challenges

    p. 395). In 2001, President Bush asked the congress and the attorney general to develop procedures for collecting data from federal law enforcement agencies and how to assess the nature of the practices they used (Ward, 2002, p. 727). The Maryland State Police had collected data from January 1995 to June 2000 which identified that forty percent of motorists who were pulled over were African American and 4.4 percent were Hispanic. The 2000 census of Maryland describes the residents that there…

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  • Sarbanes-Oxley Act Article Analysis Paper

    Running head: SARBANES- OXLEY ACT ATICLE ANALYSIS Sarbanes- Oxley Act Article Analysis University of Phoenix Sarbanes- Oxley Act Article Analysis Internal controls mandated by the Sarbanes – Oxley act have proven to be a difficult hurdle for publicly held companies to comply with. (Barnes & Thornburg, 2004) The internal control requirements of the Sarbanes – Oxley act have laid the responsibility of internal audits, effectiveness and efficiency of internal auditing controls…

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  • Refugees In America

    Refugees should be excepted into the United States of America because it is constitutionally right. The individual right as a refugee is important. An argument is that this nation is built on Christians and the nation should be made up of just Christians. This logic is absurd! Christians are called to help those in need. Refugees are in need. the common good for everyone can be helped if we accept refugees into the US. The US should be expecting them because the process of vetting refugees for…

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  • Causes Of The War In Iraq

    Everyone remembers the feeling we felt that morning of September 11th 2001, when we found out that our great country had been attacked. Most felt grief, anger, and some were fearful of not knowing what was going to happen next. Like United States always does, it pulled itself together uniting and helping out everyone in need. Once we were back on our feet it was time for Justice to be handed out by the hands of Americans. The highlighted causes leading up to the war in Iraq that will be…

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  • Essay On Racism In News

    rapidly. If fact, it is controlling people. Masses are not aware of it. The media only provides the information which is beneficial for the huge companies. So, everything media provides should not be trusted; news should be justified by people. The United States is the most diverse nation. Still it is not a country for racial minorities. In news, racism is so prominent. Their news is biased. People acquire wrong ideas from these news. Before judging anything, general people should be more…

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  • Human Trafficking Solutions

    faced in the United States, Central America and South America, and other countries. However, how is the problem in the United State compared to those other countries? Unfortunately, there is no information on the extent of human trafficking. This is mainly due to how hidden the problem is, which is another reason why awareness and further research should be increased. The U.S. Department of State estimated that between 14,500 and 17,500 individuals are trafficked into the United States yearly…

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  • Explanatory Synthesis Essay

    An Explanatory Synthesis on the Sources “How to Know When Migrant Gravy Train Arrives in Your Town” by Leo Hohmann and Attitudes toward Refugees Entering the United States of America by Sarah M. Bullard According to The United Nations High Commission of Refugees (UNHCR) there were more than forty-five million refugees seeking asylum in the world in 2012 (UNHCR 2012). With this large number, the question of whether the U.S. people want these refugees immigrating into their country is a large…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Puerto Rican Cultural Identity

    My Cultural Identity What comes to mind when you hear that I am Hispanic? That I am Mexican; that I eat spicy food; that I play soccer; that my parents came into this country illegally? Many times that is what I feel when people say that about me. Hispanic is a term that is used to identify many cultures that come from Latin countries. Do you know how many Latin countries are in North, Central, and South America, and the Caribbean? There are a lot! That means many cultures, and I am Puerto…

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