Notepad: Four Technical Limitations And Competitive Analysis Of Websites

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4 Technical Limitations

There are some limitations in website. Such as the bandwidth speed, as bandwidth is different in various countries. Internet Explorer, Netscape, and Mozilla firebox all web browsers are compatible for this website. Using dial-up network 33kbps connections speed is enough for downloading my web site and using broad band network 52kbps Connection speed is enough for downloading this website. The resolution of my website should be 800*600 pixels so that it is easily viewable for everyone.

Website Analysis

1 Need Analysis

The Cartoon and art gallery’s website is to accumulate the document and exhibit to the people about different ideas and views through the cartoon and displaying its upcoming exhibition etc. Here I will try to provide some entertainment for the kind and give some idea about the arts. And arrange art exhibitions of new artists to anchorage their work. There are different cartoon and animation art, a comprehensive research library, and galleries of exhibition space. Although the website should have appeal broadly to a wide demographic range but I will target the peoples who are well educated and who are also not much educated. The age of the audience is from 8 to 60
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I will be able to assess the threat levels presented by other companies in your market.

➢ I will identify your own weaknesses. Companies who do not pay attention to their competitors may not understand just what they are doing wrong because they have no frame of reference.

➢ After identifying those weaknesses, I'll be able to improve your business in a number of ways.

➢ I will also identify my strengths. By comparing my own online presence to those of my direct competitors, I will discover what sets my website apart from others.

Competitive analysis of my website with existing three Website:
Of website |Home page |Navigation |Site Organization |Links & Labels |Search |Readability |Performance |Content | |Cartoon Art Gallery |Good |Satisfactory |Good |Poor |Poor |Good |Good |Satisfactory | |Cartoon Art |Good |Satisfactory |Easy to understand |Good |Poor |Good |Satisfactory |Good | |Chris Beetles |Very Good |Satisfactory |Easy to understand |Good |Good |Very Good |Good |Rich Content | |Great American Ink |Very Good |Very Good |Good |Good |Good |Very Good |Very Good |Very Good |

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