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  • American Revolution Turning Point

    completely severed colonial ties with Britain. Second, it gave the colonies a huge war advantage- a strong, dedicated ally, France. Although there was already talk of a colonial-French alliance, it was only until after the colonies were severed from Britain and completely independent that they could become formal allies. Although the French had their own best interest in mind, and not the colonies, they provided immense assistance and were influential in the eventual colonial victory. In…

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  • The British-French Rivalry: The French And Indian War

    Beginning in the 1740s, the British-French rivalry was a big problem for colonial America. The rivalry was based around both forces need to be the most powerful in America, as they were in Europe. There were many events leading to the French and Indian war however, some bigger, and more important than others. Both countries were equally as responsible for the clash, as both had an effect by taking direct approach, or an indirect one. Leading up to the French and Indian war were many events and…

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  • Revolution In British Colonial America

    George Washington told his troops, “These are the times, that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis shrink from the service of their country; but he that stand it NOW, deserve the love and thanks of man and woman.” which was a part of The Crisis by Thomas Paine. King George III had just been elected as the new King of Britain and later he elected people to help him, but the entire British government was not bright at all. King George III had to figure…

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  • The Causes Of Angola's Civil War

    Angola is seventh largest country located in Africa, it gained independence in 1975 when the Portuguese withdraw from Angola. Angola is a country with different ethnics and is rich in natural resources. However, civil war lasted for 27 years. What is civil war? Civil war is a war between the citizens of the same country. As Angola was still in the transition state for being an independent country, the combination of the long lasting ethnic tensions and international pressures rendered Angola's…

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  • Valley Forge Research Paper

    Valley forge was the winter colonial fortress (notes), constructed by george washington, it was very uncomfortable and there were lots of problems that they faced. One major problem they faced was that washington was having trouble keeping his soldiers in the army (BE).…

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  • Pan-African Imperialism

    In South Africa in 1987-88 Cuban and Angolan troops drove South African soldiers into Namibia after 137 days of engagement (Kariuki 2015). Plus, Cuban troops went to Ethiopia to defend them in a war against Somalia (Holleran 2008). Castro supported full equality for all people and was willing to fight for it. Cuba was severely punished for siding with the Soviet Union during the Cold War and rejecting US interventionism and control of Cuba and other countries. Pan-Africanism has over a hundred…

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  • Colonial America Pros And Cons

    laws were onerous. During the second half of the eighteenth century, tension arose between the British government and its transatlantic colonies. To maintain the peace of 1763, the British government stationed troops on the frontiers of the colonies. It argued that because the troops were protecting…

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  • Effects Of The Boston Tea Party

    Massachusetts because the British believed the colony was too democratic and limited them to having only meetings only once in a year when they usually had one every month. These British actions made the colonial to come to believe that they were being…

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  • Colonial Williamsburg Magazine Analysis

    not want our slaves to turn on our masters." During Colonial Williamsburg times was a hard time having to choose so much which could depend on your future. But the Magazine was important during colonial times too. The Magazine also really shows great value to us today. The Magazine can even represent how the quote "the future learns from the past" role comes into play during Colonial Williamsburg. This is why the board members of Colonial Williamsburg need to mint a Commemorative Coin for…

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  • How Is George Washington Successful

    a commander to the Virginia Troops. He also claimed himself to be a successful tobacco planter in his home land. Washington proved that he was a much better general than he was just a military man. He was not the biggest genius on the battlefield. His strength was mainly keeping the colonial army in control during the Revolutionary War. Washington’s troops were not well fed, taken care of, or trained. Even though this was the case, Washington was able to get his troops to continue in the…

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