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  • The Clinton Conspiracy

    have been involved in many conspicuous affairs including White Water and the Ives/Henry case. They also have been involved in around 100 deaths of people close to them or people who worked for them. They have used witness intimidation and other scare tactics to harass witnesses into not testifying, and if they don’t agree, they are normally dead within days. Because of the amount of Clinton body guards that have been killed, the Ives Henry case, Whitewater, and the amount of the Clinton’s fellow party members that have died around them, it is…

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  • Hillary Clinton Corrupts

    Hillary Rodham Clinton is one of America’s most notorious and profound lawbreakers. The Clinton family has been monopolizing the ideology of, the already distrusted, political system. In light of her recent run for the presidency, I decided it would be best to shed some much needed light onto the subject of her past scandals, present, and inevitable future. As Louis Brandeis once said, “sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants.” Bill Clinton decided that it would be best to fire…

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  • Bill Clinton Impeachment

    controversy and interest in the 2016 presidential primaries, it may be time to look back at possibly the most controversial scandal in recent memory. On January 7, 1999, for the second time in United States history the Senate began impeachment proceedings against a sitting president. William Jefferson Clinton (Bill Clinton), the 42nd President of the United States of America, was impeached in the House of Representatives on December 19, 1998; and then later acquitted after a Senate trial on…

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  • Hillary Clinton Qualities

    November 8th 2016, millions of Americans will be casting their votes in order to elect the 45th president of the United States. The two main candidates who are expected to collect the largest amount of votes are Hillary Clinton representing the Democrats and Donald Trump representing the Republicans. Most Americans have pre determined which candidate will be receiving punchcard holes next to their names yet, quite a few citizens remain undecided. For those that are unsure, I urge you to vote for…

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  • Hilary Clinton: The Transformational Leadership Of Hillary Clinton

    Every four years, we as American citizen exercise our right to vote for the President of the United States of America. This year Hilary Clinton the democratic nominee looks to be the first woman to be voted president of the United States. Many American people don’t believe that the U.S is ready for a woman to be president, but I believe that Hillary Clinton a transformational leader will likely prove those who doubt her ability to lead this country wrong. The very essence of transformational…

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  • Hillary Clinton Problems

    strong and intelligent leader to help reduce these problems. Although these problems are complicated and difficult, Hillary Clinton is the only candidate in the presidential election who is equipped to handle them and has a plan to solve them.…

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  • Characteristics Of Bill Clinton

    I believe that Bill Clinton is one of the greatest presidents of our time. Clinton’s strong leadership style, viewpoints on terrorism and education as well as his involvement in foreign affairs allowed him to maneuver as president in a way that should be admired. Clinton has a strong senses of leader ship that allowed his administration to flourish. He has intellectual qualities that allow him to see how world problems can be solved. During the Clinton administration he not only handled domestic…

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  • Hillary Clinton Debates

    place on October 9, 2016 at Washington University. During the first debate Hillary Clinton left the crowd in a substantial victory in November. However, when she first ran different individuals were concerned about her running against Bernie Sanders however that isn’t the case anymore. Her prime opponent is Donald Trump. “In the contest between hope and cynicism, justice and prejudice, solidarity and selfishness, we can be absolutely certain that Trump is not on our side.” Mr. Trump’s…

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  • Hillary Clinton Perseverance

    American citizens. Hillary Rodham Clinton, like many others, is an influential person who has accomplished this. As a Senator, First Lady, and Secretary of State, she has worked alongside other politicians to achieve great things. Throughout her lifetime, she has been an influence to many people through her dedication in working for our country and her values and beliefs. As a leader of our country, Clinton has worked very hard to benefit the citizens of America. Helping the veterans of…

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  • Hillary Clinton Biography

    Hillary grew up in the windy city of Chicago in a middle class household. Her dad was a World War II veteran who also owned a small business. Hillary Clinton grew up helping her dad run the small business along with her mother Dorothy and her two brothers. Hillary was raised Methodist and was taught by her mother in Sunday school. Hillary Clinton received her education from a public school where she was involved as a Girl Scout and brownie girl. Clinton shows her gratitude towards her parents…

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