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  • Importance Of Silence In Harold Pinter

    Harold Pinter one of the most prominent and influential British playwright of the second half of the 20th century. His plays are distinguished from all other by their sense of suspense, mystification and ambiguity. Pinter has a specific technique to explore and elicit the mystery of human relationships. Pinter plays are characteristic of minimal plots and limited characters but the dialogues filled with powerful tension. He uses pauses, three dots and silence in his plays. They are the very…

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  • Compare And Contrast Courtly Love And Sonnet 130

    Love does not need conceits to be true. Both sonnets are written by William Shakespeare. They were written on the year 1609. In many of his works the theme love seems to his favourite. “Courtly Love” In Sonnet 18, the writer describes how the person he is talking to is more temperate and fair than the beauty he sees in nature. And often is his gold complexion dimm’d; And every fair from fair sometime declines, The writer concludes that the beauty of the person he’s talking to is not so…

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  • Moral And Revenge Tragedy In William Shakespeare's Hamlet

    William Shakespeare is history’s most greatest, influential, and philosophical playwright. His most acclaimed work, Hamlet, is extensively studied and analyzed as it confronts and speaks openly about many moral, ethical, emotional truths and dilemmas. Hamlet is a revenge tragedy, in which the indecisive and contemplative protagonist is driven to avenge his father’s death, yet the act of his revenge is necessarily delayed in order to highlight Hamlet’s emotional and psychological complexity. The…

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  • Romeo And Juliet Pyramus And Hebe Analysis

    To begin with, both stories are based on a tragedy that came between their love. The main characters are the ones who end up dead. I’m talking about the story about Romeo and Juliet which is not alike to Pyramus and Thisbe, but there are some similarities. Let me start off with the differences. In your own perspective, you can tell me if there mostly alike or not alike. Romeo and Juliet didn’t know each other, they didn’t talk about each other before, didn’t communicate, and didn’t…

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  • How Did Shakespeare Influence Elizabethan Theatre

    Just six years before his birth Elizabeth I became queen of England in 1558. It was a time of great history and relative political stability, followed and preceded by eras of upheaval. For the time being, arts held a great importance; theaters thrived and playwrights were active including William Shakespeare. Theater was central to Elizabethan social life leading to great buildings and the development of companies of actors, both professional and amateur. It did receive criticism. Puritan…

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  • Similarities Between Romeo And Juliet And Twelfth Night

    Which One Is Written Better? Shakespeare was brought to all in the 1564, yet so far back but so popular now. Some of the popular Shakespearean plays are the Twelfth Night another one Romeo and Juliet. While doing research on these two wonderful plays it showed there is quite a difference in the plot structure, theme, and symbolism of the plays.Looking at the evidence supporting that Romeo and Juliet is written with a better plot structure, theme, and better symbolism than Twelfth Night. The…

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  • Male Dominance In Shakespeare Essay

    Shakespeare lived during the reign of Queen Elizabeth l, commonly known as the Elizabethan era. The Elizabethan epoch is seen by many as the pivotal point in English literature; historians regard it as being the golden age in England’s history. A plethora of books, movies, and plays, including many of Shakespeare’s works, were based on ideas and interests of the time. Consequently, many of his works are reminiscent of values and ideals found throughout this time period. Learning about the…

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  • Language In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

    ‘Romeo and Juliet’ is an amourous tragedy written by William Shakespeare. The written date of this play can be dated to 1595. Written during The Renaissance period, soon after the deadly plague, this event is reflected on Shakespeare’s choice of language throughout. This woeful play tells the tale of two lovestruck adolescents, Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet, which takes a fatal turn towards their devastating end. The loss of the children was the only thing which could bring together the…

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  • Macbeth As A Tragic Hero Analysis

    Praewpetch Unakul Miss Farrah Collette IB English A Language and Literature Standard Level Year 2 14 November 2015 Macbeth as A Tragic Hero “Hear it not, Duncan, for it is a knell that summons thee to heaven or to hell.” - Macbeth (2.1.63-64) Many of Shakespeare’s works are considered as ‘Shakespearean Tragedy” with the protagonists as ‘Tragic Hero’. A character is a prominent noble defected in some way and the flaw causes his downfall. After the punishment of his own action, he comes to…

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  • To A Shrub Ee Tiang Hong Poem Analysis

    How does Ee Tiang Hong convey his feeling about the Bougainvillea in ‘To a shrub’ The sight poem “To a shrub” by Ee Tiang Hong is about a Bougainvillea. Ee draws attention to the grace of the flower describing the Bougainvillea; how all the features of the Bougainvillea are all graceful and tirelessly beautiful. Ee uses, poetic techniques; Alliterations and repetition are used for emphasis. Also personifications, metaphor were used to give the Bougainvillea characteristics bringing the poem to…

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