Compare And Contrast The Passionate Of The Shepherd

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The passionate shepherd to his love and the nymph’s reply to the shepherd

The passionate of the shepherd is a poem written by christopher martone, that talk about greatness,love and love.The main character of the poem is the shepherd.He think that love will always be there every single day of his life. The nymph's reply to the shepherd is written by sir walter raleigh, the nymph's is the main character, she thinks love will not happen,she think that after a few days,it will be a cold weather of sadness. Love will end soon in time. Both poem have different point of view

The two poem are talk in different view on the subject of love
I felt love in the passionate shepherd to his love because it talk about how he ask nymph’s
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Its talk about time and love.For the nymph’s time is cold, Because the nymph’s think that love will be in temporary time, like in a few month, it will change from sunny to winter the coldest day. Nymph thinks too much about the future and predict what will happen by that month.Shepherd think a lot that every month and time will be happiness. Time is never ending for the shepherd, always happy with love and time is timeless, for thy delight each may, if these delights thy mind may move,then live with me and my love. For the nymph, he think time don't last long, times drives slow from field to …show more content…
For the nymph he think that the material will fade away. A honey tongue, a heart of gall, when river rage and rock grow cold

Coming to conclusion that the difference between the shepherd and nymph is that the shepherd is a nice person, who is always nice and he think that love will last forever and the nature is so nice and great.For the nymph, he is always sad and he think the opposite. He thinks that love will not last forever and it will be a cold sad night, and think to much about the future. So to compare that the shepherd is always happy and the nymph is always sad, but he is trying to join the shepherd, so he can be

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