Ironies In Siddhartha's Life

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2. Discuss the various ironies within the different stages in Siddhartha's life

Knowledge is a principal that is embedded into man as early as puerility, its known as the only route to something extraordinary, something innovational, it’s the proverbial solution of life. Ironically there are more scenarios in which knowledge becomes the curse of one instead of the answer, it becomes a ruinous poison to the ears working hand in hand with truth. Sometimes to tell a small lie is less tormenting than the painful truth. Life itself is an irony, to learn the lesson one must be trailed through the unexpected, we are bombarded with trials and the answers turned out to be the most obvious. In the end after the fruit of life is eaten the eyes are open
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Even as a child Siddhartha was thirsty for more knowledge, and those that surrounded him lacked the answer to his one question. "He had begun to sense that this venerable father and his other teachers, that the wise Brahmins had already imparted to him the bulk and the best of their knowledge, that they had already poured their fullness into his waiting vessel, and the vessel was not filled, his mind was not content, his soul was not tranquil, his heart not sated." (Hesse 5). Controversy to the Brahmins way Siddhartha found a solution against his father wishes, Siddhartha would leave and follow the ways of the Samanas, the beggars and wonders. Ironically Siddhartha found the answer to the flame of ego that grew within him by releasing it, the Samanas through prayer and fast released desire, jealousy, and all types of suffering. Releasing himself from his lavished ways and entering the world of the forest was the way to his answer. Life of course has a particular of switching around the ways of nature to provide a point. With the Samanas Siddharta would have a sweet and delicious taste of what it felt like to release himself form desire and suffering but these temporary tastes only made Sidhartha a drug addict to a vivid sensation, he longed for the taste of this drug that released him from the chains of the world. …show more content…
The only harsh but incongruous fact was that the Eldest Samana who had taught the two-young pupils to release themselves of hatred and jealousy and all suffering acted upon his human nature and ranted that they were leaving him and he did not agree upon only proving to Siddhartha that through the samanas Siddhartha would never find himself. It was only till meeting the sublime one, the man that cured the sick, the man who reached an essence that nothing could break that Siddhartha finally had the first definite clue to his aching heart. Both Govinda and Siddhartha experience firsthand with hundreds more what many thousands of other people wanted to see. They saw the Buddha teach the four principals and it was then many people like Govinda decided live a life through the teachings of the sublime one, it was here that Govinda no longer reflect the light that Siddhartha produce, Govinda even though taking a step on his own was now following a bigger light, the light that the sublime produced. All though the Sublime one casted a path with light for Govinda ironically, he robbed from Siddhartha of his friend but in return gave Siddhartha himself. Siddhartha through Gautama learned that there will never be no other teaching better than the one the Buddha can offer, he

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