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  • Female Reproductive System

    The last stage of delivery is the placenta stage. Immediately after childbirth, the uterus continues to contract, causing the placenta to be expelled though the vagina. 4) Briefly, list and describe the anatomy of the reproductive system. We have female anatomy reproductive system and male reproductive system. Female Anatomy:…

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  • Mary Fissell's Vernacular Bodies

    Book Review #2 Mary Fissell’s book Vernacular Bodies: The Politics of Reproduction in Early Modern England is a collection of readings and scientific interpretations of the female body during Medieval Europe. The main argument that Fissell tries to make is; while women were beginning to stand up for their religious rights, men still harbored the same feelings they had during the 15th and 16th centuries; women were beneath them. Using midwife manuals, and other books dedicated to pregnancy and…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Abortion Essay

    themselves. If mothers are denied abortions, many of them could hurt themselves doing it on their own. According to article “Is Medical Abortion Dangerous”, 1 in every 10 women dies during childbirth. Less than 1 in every 100,000 women who use medical abortion die, making medical abortions safer than childbirth. Even though there is potential harm in abortions, they are usually very safe, and even safer than…

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  • Personal Argument Against Abortion

    found that abortion is more dangerous than childbirth and that less than one percent of all abortions are used to save the life of the mother. Childbirth is a completely natural thing and abortion is not natural at all. Eighty six percent of abortions are done out of convenience. The baby does not deserve to die because it’s convenient. It’s selfish to only think about yourself and not the life of another human being. Adoption is always an option in childbirth and as a result the baby doesn’t…

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  • Premature Baby Week 38

    Take a deep breath and put to rest all your worries about having a premature baby. With week 38, your pregnancy is considered full-term and your baby is ready to meet you outside the womb any day now. Changes happening to your body in week 38 You might have loved being pregnant till you hit the last few weeks. By week 38 you cannot help but think about how big (or small) you are and how your baby will actually make her way through your tiny birth canal. Try and stay as calm as possible, as…

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  • Primrose Oil Benefits

    Primrose oil is known to regulate high blood pressure and thus help in the conditions of the heart. Childbirth Though there is no medical evidence in support of this benefit of the oil, traditionally it is believed that oral intake of primrose oil helps in ripening the cervical. This means easy and less painful childbirth. Some also believe that it can induce labour after the pregnancy has matured. High cholesterol This is one of the better benefits of primrose…

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  • Summary Of BMC Public Health

    According to the first article, the focus of the study is based on a “protocol of a quasi-experiment to increase the engagement of pregnant women who smoke in NHS Stop Smoking Services” (Bennett et al. BMC Public Health 2014). The study carried out in the first article’s aims to gather reliable and valid information on how effective the three different models of service delivery to deal with the breach in the evidence base about how to carry out a flexible, customized stop smoking service for…

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  • Child Mortality

    “Four out of every five deaths of children under the age of five occur in sub- Saharan Africa and southern Asia -- many are newborn babies whose deaths could be prevented with simple, inexpensive solutions. The proportion of mothers who die during childbirth is still 14 times higher in developing countries than in high-income countries” (WHO 2). It’s hard to take care of one person let alone a full family, when you can’t make things better because of how the economy is. Third world countries are…

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  • Visit To A Midwife Essay

    pregnancy and warn the pregnant woman on the things that she should do and should not do in order to avoid harmful consequences for her or her child. 2. INTRODUCTION “Midwifery is a health science and health profession that deals with pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum…

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  • Being Born

    and maternal-mortality rates. According to the film, the newborn death rate for the United States is the second worst in the world (Epstein, Lake, & New Line Home Entertainment, 2008). The film reinforces a cultural disrespect towards normal home childbirth as a causative factor. Fascinatingly, the film highlights how the American maternity system has fallen…

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