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  • Barriers Of Women In Health Care

    · Women make up to 90% all health care decisions for their families · Out of the 20 most frequently performed surgeries, 11 are performed exclusively on women, none are performed exclusively on men Barriers To Women's Care · Discounting women's symptoms · Overuse of surgical procedures · Restricted access to prenatal care · Inadequate insurance · Limited or exclusion of services · Lack of research Feminization of Poverty · Harsh economic plight of women · 32.6% households…

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  • PEP In Nursing

    longer then a couple weeks after childbirth, and if it does, it is most likely because there is still some placenta in the cervix. Once the entire placenta passes or is removed, the mother will start getting relief and be cured of PEP. There are topical treatments to try and help with the rash associated with polymorphic eruption of pregnancy, such as, emollients, topical steroids, and antihistamines, although most women report of no real relief until after childbirth. Polymorphic eruption of…

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  • The Benefits Of Abortion

    Women everywhere are fighting for their right to terminate their pregnancy. In some places in the United States, it is harder to get access to a clinic then it is to a hospital to birth a child. It seems society stands behind a woman if she gives birth then one who decides to terminate one. We need to demystify the procedure and disseminate more information on abortion as both a healthy and acceptable option. Here we are only going to demystify some of the claims when trying to obtain a…

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  • Midwifery In The 18th Century

    Therefore for the reasons i am about to detail, the use of the word is appropriate and justified. Midwifery and childbirth were very different landscapes at the start of the early modern period. Childbirth was as a social thing, and until around the eighteenth century, women shared the event as a cultural heritage. "In England around 1700, as for centuries before, childbirth was a social occasion for women. In the later months of her pregnancy, the mother-to-be would issue invitations to…

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  • Summary: The Importance Of Prenatal Care

    and just like any other medical development, prenatal care has been through very extensive research (Berger, 2014, pg. 57). According to Laura Thomas’s article “Empowered Women Shape Modern Maternity Care” (2011), not even one hundred years ago, childbirth and prenatal care were dramatically changing. Experimental pain killing solutions…

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  • Medicalization Of Birth

    The Medicalization of Pregnancy and Childbirth In our society there is not a healthy individual who has faced as much medicalization as the pregnant woman. Pregnancy and childbirth have all faced varying degrees of medicalization. The medicalization of childbirth is a very recent phenomenon that began in the early 1900s, when doctors and the medical field became a more ingrained part of society (Epstein & Lake, 2008). Prior to this most births were handled in the home via midwife, yet social…

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  • Mieko Assignment Questions

    Mieko ASSIGNMENT #1 QUESTIONS: (due 11:59pm, Thursday, February 11th) Provide essay-style answers (e.g., complete sentences) to the following questions. The best answers are accurate, highly descriptive, and well above the indicated "bare minimum" word ranges. Upload your completed assignment to your Laulima DROPBOX. Make sure to read each question carefully! #1: (150 words minimum) Western medicine tends to have an “ethnocentric” view of itself in comparison to the medical beliefs and…

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  • Child Birth Medicine

    Imagine giving birth before the turn of the 20th century, before the necessary equipment that was needed to make sure your delivery went properly to keep you and your unborn child safe. Envision being frightened and nervous about if you are both going to make it through. Not having the right medicine that would help ease the pain and length of labor, but having to forcefully go through the many hours of labor and delivery. Anxious when having sexual intercourse, because you know there is no way…

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  • Nursing Observation In Nursing

    spontaneous vaginal deliveries and also observe how each delivery differed between that of the next mother. On the third and fourth day, I was able to learn how inadequate staff was handled in these areas and how this affected the clients as well. Childbirth is an unknown experience, therefore, nurses must be ready for help even if extra staff is not available. I was also able to learn about my personal boundaries because one of these clients that came in ready to delivery, were a family…

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  • Female Reproductive System

    The last stage of delivery is the placenta stage. Immediately after childbirth, the uterus continues to contract, causing the placenta to be expelled though the vagina. 4) Briefly, list and describe the anatomy of the reproductive system. We have female anatomy reproductive system and male reproductive system. Female Anatomy:…

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