Carbon cycle

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  • Terrestrial Carbon Cycle

    Carbon is one of the very important elements on planet earth. It contains four valence electrons, which can build essential properties of life, like DNA for example. It has organic properties for the basis of all living organisms. It is necessary for carbon to move through out the planet, through non-living and living things in order to have a balance of energy. Biogeochemical cycling moves carbon throughout the planet into living things and back again. Biogeochemical cycling is a pathway where an elemental compound and its energy move through non-living things to living things, and stored as well. For example, phytoplankton soaks up energy by using photosynthesis (non-living things to living). Carbon can move through a short period of time…

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  • Essay On Carbon Cycle

    The Carbon Cycle Addition of carbon to the atmosphere Respiration: Through respiration, carbon dioxide can be added to the atmosphere. Living organisms use respiration to turn food into usable energy. Aerobic respiration requires oxygen to take place, and produces carbon dioxide, releasing it into the air and atmosphere. The energy taken from the food molecules following digestion is used to fuel the organism, additionally when mixed with oxygen, releases carbon dioxide when exhaling.…

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  • Carbon Life Cycle

    Cycles of Elements required for life Carbon cycle All living things are made of carbon. It is also part of the ocean, rocks and even air. Earth is a dynamic place so the carbon does not stay. It is moving in the atmosphere where the carbon is attached to some oxygen in a gas called carbon dioxide. We all know that plants use carbon dioxide and sunlight to make their own food and grow. The carbon becomes part of the plant. Plants that die and buried will turn into fossil fuels made of…

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  • What Is The Carbon Cycle?

    Carbon Cycling Internal Achievement Standard Science 90953: Demonstrate understanding of carbon cycling Carbon Cycling Internal What is the Carbon Cycle? Carbon is a key component in all living organisms and can be found in both living and nonliving organisms. Organisms will continue to contain carbon even when they change or decay. Carbon is found in a variety of living things and can exist as a solid e.g coal and diamonds, a liquid e.g crude oil or a gas, for example CO2…

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  • Carbon Cycle Research Paper

    Carbon cycle One of the ways that nature recycles matter is through the carbon cycle. The carbon cycle is carbon cycling through the global environment. Carbon is a chemical element and a key component of many systems in the biosphere, from acting as part of the earth's thermostat to being one of the key elements in photosynthesis, which is when plants make sugars for energy. In order for the ecosystem to function properly, all parts need an adequate supply of carbon. This is usually not…

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  • Fast Carbon Cycle Essay

    The element Carbon is the fourth most abundant in the Universe. Here on Earth, Carbon is present in what we eat, in what we live and drive, and also in us. DNA is formed by two intertwined molecules around a Carbon chain. From the smallest protein chain in DNA to the largest mountain on the planet, Carbon is responsible for one of the most important cycles that allow humans to survive on Earth. The Carbon cycle is divided into Slow and Fast. During my lifespan, I will be able to directly affect…

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  • How Do You Affect The Carbon Cycle?

    I looked at the carbon cycle and discovered that I did affect this cycle in ways that I had not imagined. Of course I was aware that I do produce carbon just by breathing and perspiring. There are other ways that I did produce carbon that were subtle and did affect the carbon cycle too. The carbon cycle is very important in maintaining a balance in our planet. It helps to sustain life on the planet as we know it. This cycle happens on its own, but we have somehow altered it in many ways.…

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  • How Does Human Activity Affect The Carbon Cycle

    Carbon is the backbone of life on Earth. All things are made of Carbon. It is a part of the ocean, air and even rocks. This carbon flows between each reservoir in an exchange called the Carbon Cycle. This cycle will be investigated to show an understanding of its functions and how human activity can severely impact this cycle. (insert hypothesis here). Human activity, with out proper regulation can lead to imbalance throughout the carbon cycle meaning the interference of a Global system much…

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  • Irrefutable Climate Change

    Everything we do affects the carbon in our atmosphere. Our world already has a natural, balanced carbon cycle to use and reuse the CO2 and therefore keep the levels at a healthy rate in the air. This process from sun to plants through photosynthesis, then into the soil as the plant decays, and evaporation back into the air, is disrupted by auto and factory emissions. We cannot control the natural carbon cycle, and we don’t need to because it is already balanced! However we can control the amount…

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  • Elements In The Periodic Table

    The sixth element in the periodic table is one of the most important elements of them all, carbon. This element, located on group fourteen and period two of the periodic table, has an atomic number of 6 and a molar mass of 12.01; this means that it has 6 electrons, 6 protons, and 6 neutrons. The element is lightweight, fairly small, the fourth most abundant element on Earth, and is essential for living, growing, and reproducing. Carbon is found in all living and non-living organisms, in the form…

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