How Do You Affect The Carbon Cycle?

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I looked at the carbon cycle and discovered that I did affect this cycle in ways that I had not imagined. Of course I was aware that I do produce carbon just by breathing and perspiring. There are other ways that
I did produce carbon that were subtle and did affect the carbon cycle too. The carbon cycle is very important in maintaining a balance in our planet. It helps to sustain life on the planet as we know it. This cycle happens on its own, but we have somehow altered it in many ways. Some of which we do not even realise. In some cases we knowingly do this. Goosse H et al (2005)

When I use my petrol driven lawnmower on my lawn, I increase the carbon that is release into the atmosphere. My petrol lawn mower is very efficient. It uses petrol to operate. I do
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I also find myself clearing my yard of weeds, grass or even the lawn from my yard this increases the mount of carbon in the atmosphere as the plants that I clear will no longer absorb carbon. It would not affect my life greatly if I could increase the plants that I can have in my yard. For instance have more lawn planted and flowers.

I also plant vegetables in my little garden. These I just do for fun. I do not really plant a lot of them. These vegetables affect the atmosphere by reducing the amount of carbon. They absorb the carbon and produce oxygen. I could plant more vegetables to absorb more carbon. This would not affect my life style. I would instead get more veggies to eat.

I make compost heaps for my small garden and increase the carbon in the air. The compost heaps release methane and carbon. In the compost heaps, I normally put organic matter as well as manure form animals like cattle. I could do less compost to reduce the amount of carbon produced. It would not affect my life too much as I could find environmentally friendly ways of enriching my garden.

I burn rubbish sometimes which increases carbon. I burn stuff such as weeds paper as well as

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