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  • Car Dealership Case Study: Retailing At Car Dealership

    Retailing At Car Dealership Alejandra Genao Lehigh Carbon Community College Prof. Pamela Weldom ABSTRACT The car dealership industry has continually evolved over years in a great manner in such a way that is now seen as a different industry when compared to how operations were thirty or forty years ago. Like other businesses, car retailing dealership ought to have proper planning with clearly set objectives for easy operations. The car dealer has to put the buyer’s interests first in order to deliver what the customer needs. He also should maintain a good relationship with his supplier so that he does not run out of stock. The location of the entity is vital in that it should be…

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  • Misplace Car Keys

    Most car owners have ever misplaced their car keys at one time or another. This can be very frustrating. You will realize that most car owners rarely have spare keys for their cars. A spare key can greatly help you if you have misplaced your car key. You can actually keep the spare key in your home so that you can readily access it in the event of losing your car keys. However, if you do not have a spare keys, you can greatly get inconvenienced. What do I do? I lost my Chevrolet key. This is a…

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  • The Art Of War Case Analysis

    One of the reasons why companies expand internationally is to have access to new markets. One such global company, who this writer happens to be very familiar with, is an automobile dealer group called Weins Canada, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Weins Group in Japan. The company got its start in 1956 with its first dealership network, called Yokohama Toyopet. The company’s founder, Kanji Miyahara Sr., saw an opportunity to diversify and, potentially, to add exponential growth in…

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  • Tata Nano Case Study

    CASE BRIEF – TATA NANO DESCRIPTION Tata developed and started manufacturing Tata Nano, “the cheapest car in the world”, and has to decide the level of production capacity. Should Tata be conservative risking to cede market to competitors or should they make an aggressive commitment? EVALUATIONS Tata worked years to develop a ULCC (Ultra Low Cost Car) targeting the bottom end of the pyramid of the Indian population. The development of Tata Nano was based on 3 main targets: cost lower than Rs 1…

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  • Personal Narrative: Who Doesn T Like Gifts

    feel warm. It’s September of 2006, my birth month. I pass by the kitchen eavesdropping on my mother talking on the phone about a huge birthday party that I knew was for me; however, I pretended not to know. I wanted to be excited. The day comes, and my loving mother knew exactly what I wanted, a Disney Pixar Cars themed party! My family and friends are spread across our yard and as typical, mothers are gossiping, fathers are drinking beer, and kids are running for their lives as they play…

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  • Car Culture Research Paper

    think that the most impact of me changing into how I am today would be the car culture. The car culture is a place where I really adapted into. I learned about how the whole scene works and the different kinds of people. When I lived in California a group of friends that I had were car enthusiast, they would talk about the meets going down, the events, etc. I was more of a regular person at the time who cared nothing else except video games. I later adapted to this culture because I like how…

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  • Example Of Car Subcultures

    home from work and spot a car that is a little bit way too low to be on the road? Most of us have and if you are not into todays car scene, you might just find it a little bit too weird. Today’s car scene is subculture that is rapidly growing and many are proud to be in. Within these car scene subcultures we have different categories that we can identify; classic, American, and imports. These are all very different subcultures but they all share one thing, and that is the love and care for their…

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  • Mr. Askins Free Time Analysis

    In the Askins’ free time (cont’d.) Many people in town would move out to the beach. Mr. Askins’ remembers these times like they just happened yesterday. On the way to Florida the Askins’ family would stop at Mount Olive Baptist Church in South Georgia, and they would have lunch on their lawn. His father drove an Oldsmobile. Cars were a big deal in the 1950’s. The new cars would be released and Mr. Askins would beg his father to take him to the dealer, so he could see the cars. It was the most…

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  • Tesla Case Study

    premium sports car for early adopters which would then help to finance the company’s sedans and compacts. Today, Tesla has established itself as a market leader in the development and innovation of the electric car. Tesla believes that their strategy will allow them to “gain market share, gain brand awareness, generate brand loyalty and earn profits through new programs” (Andrade, 2013, para…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience As A Car Driver

    year of driving, I have had anything but a traditional, safe experience behind the wheel of my 2-ton car. It seems like anytime I get behind the wheel of a car, something somewhere in the universe decides to test me once again. However, despite being a firsthand witness to my awful luck, I also astonish myself every time I experience these situations with how I handle and learn from them. This is one of those times. After having my license for about 8 months, you would think I had possessed the…

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