My Gift Essay

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Who doesn’t like gifts? I mean, I absolutely love them. Whether they are small, big, round, squared, or even impossible to hold physically, and without sounding spoiled, they make me extremely happy. However, some gifts are quite interesting. Just like the gift my mother offers me every single day. The appearance of the gift isn’t quite physical, it’s more of a feeling that only I get to feel. A feeling that makes me feel warm.
It’s September of 2006, my birth month. I pass by the kitchen eavesdropping on my mother talking on the phone about a huge birthday party that I knew was for me; however, I pretended not to know. I wanted to be excited. The day comes, and my loving mother knew exactly what I wanted, a Disney Pixar Cars themed party! My family and friends are spread across our yard and as typical, mothers are gossiping, fathers are drinking beer, and kids are running for their lives as they play Freeze Tag. What truly made me happy, however, were the gifts on the cake table! We all ate, laughed, cut the cake, and at last it was time for me to open my presents! I
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Why? The simple answer: my mom. My mom worked endless hours to feed, clothe, and shelter me. My mom planned all of my birthday parties on her own. My mom even had the money to finally get me the Lightning McQueen pajama set for Christmas. And she did it, all on her own. The love my mother shared with me became a gift that was given to me every day; a gift that my mother decided to give me, the gift of a beautiful, selfless, hardworking mother opened up my eyes and made me realize that no gift could compare to this—no toy cars, no Lightning McQueen pajama set, no iPhone seven—nothing at all. And finally without sounding spoiled, I have received a gift that is definitely impossible to hold: her

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